Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Currently: November

November, how quickly you've come! I can't believe I've been at my job for almost 9 months now and the end of year is in sight. 

reading -  nothing! I need a new book to read, so I might finally pick up Game of Thrones.

wishlisting - an orange bag. I really want  the Mark and Graham Elisabetta handbag that I featured in my October wishlist post, but I've also decided to do a No Spend November to try and curb some of my consumerism. Perhaps if I've managed to go the entire month without spending any money on clothes/shoes/accessories then I'll think about buying it. Also, wishlisting this pair of leopard print loafers from Lands End (that are currently 25% off..ugh!). But again.. sticking to No Spend November!

loving - scarves. plaid. cooler nights. I think I'd even be happy if the temperature dropped another 7-10 degrees so I could really get out some autumn gear.

appreciating - my boss. it's amazing to be at an organization with individuals and a boss who wants to mentor me.

creating - attempting to create a better appreciation for the things that I have instead of what I don't.

And that's it for November so far. Linking up with Anne In Residence. What has your month looked like so far?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Spending Recap

Also known as that month I spent a bit of money. And got some awesome shoes.

I cleaned out some of my wardrobe earlier this month and have been on a listing frenzy to clear stuff out. As cooler weather is approaching I'm also much in need of better work pants (skinny pants that aren't ankle length seem to be hard to find..).

October 2014

Old navy Rockstar skinnies in maroon & grey, $24.50 each
J Crew Factory wool pencil skirt: $54.00
Target boots, $24.95
Tory Burch revas, $165.00
Kate Spade Jimi flats, $180.60
Target Emma leather ballet flats: $19.99

Not pictured: 
Old Navy polka dot blouse, $7.50
Gap ankle length navy pants: $20.00
J Crew double knit long cardigan: $55.00 (a little pricey, but I love it and the burgundy color).
Mindy Mae's Market striped sweatshirt: $21.95

Ebay sales: $100.00, tradesy sales: $395.00

Total: $103.03

I had some misses with some work pants - I tried the J Crew dannie pant but found they run small so those went back. So did a pair of Target pants. 

And I'm not going to lie, I'm still undecided on the above Kate Spade cat shoes. Are they too kitchy for me? Will I actually wear them? And they are expensive, too.

Holes in my closet? I'd really love a pair of leopard print loafers. Other than that... I'm super content for now. And banning myself from purchasing any clothes in November/December.

As always, linking up with Fran. How did you do this month?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October crush list

With the seasons changing and rich hues starting to become the norm again here's a few items on my list that I've been lusting after.

Handbag: Elisabetta Slouch Handbag at Marks & Graham (free monogramming, too!). I've been wanting a brightly colored handbag and this seems to fit the trick. Plus.. made in Italy and the ability to have my initials? Yes please.
Boots: Kasia via Target. These Frye lookalikes at more than half the price might make me order them to see if they fit any differently than the $300 version.
Leopard flats: Vivian Calf Hair flats from Land's End. Because everyone needs a good pair of leopard print flats. I have these in black and they are one of my most comfortable pairs of shoes.
Gold stacking ring: Threadbare yellow gold ring, Catbird NYC. I've recently become into the idea of stacking rings, and this gorgeous gold one fits the bill.

What are some things that you've had your eye on?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Art from the DeYoung in San Francisco
smelling: Heat wave! Does summer have a smell? Well.. it smells warm out. Also, I have a pack of bubblegum on my desk so occasionally I get a smell of sweet bubblegum.

loving: The ability that I can make choices for myself. I've been thinking a lot lately about certain things and how I do have the ability to change them if I don't like it. It's hard to think about but I'm incredibly lucky that I have the option to do so.

planning: Our trip to NY for Thanksgiving and hopefully getting to see some old coworkers in there too. 

baking: Does my morning instant oatmeal count? otherwise, nothing. my poor kitchenaid is so lonely.

celebrating: This weekend, a friend's wedding. Next week will be a friend's engagement party, and the weekend after that another good friend's birthday. I'm also celebrating the warm weather we're having with summer-like outfits and lots of open windows.

Hello October - here's to you! What are you smelling/loving/planning/baking/celebrating this month?

Linking up with Anne at In Residence!

Friday, September 26, 2014

September Budget Recap

September is almost over and it's time for budget bloggers with Fran! Here's how I did below:

September 2014

From top left:
Old Navy plaid: $20.00
J Crew Cardigan: $44.00
J Crew marled popover: $42.00
Mindy Mae's Market Striped sweater: $26.99
Catbird cat pack ring: $27.80

Not pictured:
H&M pullover: $19.99
J Crew v neck: $12.00
Lariat necklace from a local jeweler: $15.00

Total: $177.78. So... not bad, but not great either. I did sell a pair of shoes for 50.00 through tradsey, so that helps. The J Crew cardigan is to replace my much loved orange cardigan that got ruined in the wash, and I'm super excited to have an olive green sweater. 

As for what I need... really, honestly, nothing. I do want to go through my wardrobe and see what I can purge. As for shoes, I think I can let go of a lot of pairs to slim down what I have, but also build a good shoe wardrobe of classic, everyday pairs that can go with any outfit. Thanks to Katie, I'm also thinking of evaluating my skirt situation as some of them are ill fitting. Also, the one thing missing from my wardrobe seems to be a grey blazer.

How did you do this month?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

42 Hours in Boise

This past weekend Dh and I took a quick 80 minute flight up to Boise to see my cousin play college football against BSU. In addition to visiting another new state, we had the pleasure of meeting some of the nicest people EVER. I swear, Idaho, no idea how you do it but your people are so warm and kind.

Boise is a lovely city with a vibrant Basque scene as well as multiple breweries (hurrah for craft beer!). And you can't forget about Idaho potatoes.. just delicious. We had a great time walking the city - because Boise is fairly flat it's easy to walk around to and from attractions (no need for taxis, either!). We had a great time at the Boise State tailgate, made some friends and went to a space bar, and I tried a bison burger for the first time (and I liked it).

Until next time Boise.... thank you!
Sour beer at Bittercreek
Stuffed beignets at the farmers market
Inside the Capital building
Boise State Helmet on a golf cart..
Boise Depot
Albertson's Stadium, aka Smurf Turf at BSU
All the way from UL!
Bison burger + Laura fries at Boise Fry Co
Awesome street art
Crossing the Snake River
If you go...

Boise Fry Company - pick your potato and fry type, and then prepare to mix sauces and salts to a come up with your own french fry creation. Also, try the bison burger. Yum.
Boise Taphouse - huge beer selection and tv's galore for football Sunday.
The Basque Market - an awesome basque tapas bar with crazy good croquettes and meatballs. Definitely don't forget the chocolate pudding for dessert.
Bittercreek Ale House - fantastic late night happy hour, and the poutine is out of this world.

To do:
Space bar - get your retro game on with pinball, 80's arcade games, and super nintendo while sipping local beer at this awesome spot.
Idaho Capital Building - a gorgeous capital building open on weekends with lots of history about Idaho and it's counties. Plus, the dome inside is absolutely gorgeous.
Albertson's stadium at Boise State - Smurf turf. Enough said.
Basque Block - Basque culture in Boise condensed into a block of it's own.
Boise Depot - What remains of Boise's train depot, along with a beautiful garden and ponds overlooking the city.
Capital City Public Market - An outdoor market with one requirement - everything has to be made in Idaho (try the BuckSnort root beer and look for some huckleberry goats milk soap!)

Hotel 43 - lovely boutique hotel within the heart of downtown, and a complimentary airport shuttle with 1PM checkout.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Cat's Meow

This fall season seems to be shaping up for all things cats, and well, I'm not complaining. I think ever since Charlotte Olympia came out with her Kitty flats everyone has been flocking to do something similar, but at a smaller price tag (although there is a part of me that secretly really wants the Charlotte Olympia flats, but 495...eeep!). I recently picked up this adorable Catbird ring with some birthday money but upon seeing some new releases lately I noticed a bit of a cat trend.

So if you'd like to jump onto the kitty bandwagon come join me.. and here's a few of my favorite items to keep you fashionable throughout your nine lives.

The Cat's Meow

I'm seriously contemplating the Kate Spade cat flats... I think they are adorable! Okay, why lie, I want it all.

Are there any new trends or items that you've been loving lately? Will you be purchasing any cat items? If so, share below!
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