Saturday, June 29, 2013

The jump to bloglovin

As we prepare to let google reader lay to rest I've made the hop to bloglovin. If you are currently a google reader follower and would like to keep following, please join me at bloglovin by clicking the little button on the side bar of my blog. Already following along there? Thank you so much!

Hope you all are enjoying a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June Budget

You know its the end of the month when its time to link up with Fran and the other budgeting bloggers. So here's how I did for June...

June Budget

Clockwise from top:
H&M Maxi dress: $17.99
H&M every day shirt: $5.99

Not pictured:
Gap blazer: $23.99
J Crew bangles and barrette: $6.99, $6.99, $4.89
J Crew linen perfect shirt: $27.99

The grand total: $246.29. Eeep. And I might need to swing back to Old Navy for another pair of shorts before leaving for Utah next week. It's not bad, but its not great. I'm thinking of doing another shopping ban in July if anyone would like to join.

And of course, linking up with the Budgeting Bloggers!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summertime wishlist

Happy Summer, everyone! With today being the first official day of summer I've included some items that are on my summer wishlist.

I also think these espadrilles are adorable and would be great for summer.

I love this simple Dogeared necklace... who wouldn't love to rep their home state?

These Toms wedges have been calling my name for a few months.

This maxi skirt is an amazing red that I think would work through the fall.

Flamingos on an iphone case? Sure why not!

And the biggest thing of all? A vacation. Phew.

Is there anything that you have your eye on for summer?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Life lately.

Hello blog, I'm so sorry I haven't written in a bit. I feel as though I wrote so much through May that now I'm a little stumped as to what to blog about now. Perhaps I should look for another challenge to do...

Life lately has been busy but good. School is definitely giving me a run for money, but I do enjoy it. It feels great to be learning and doing something else in my schedule, although I'm already stressing about our final project and paper due in 8 weeks. Eep.

After coming off May's shopping ban I have to be careful to not go off the deep end spending in June. I'm trying to reassess my shoe situation (since I seem to only wear a handful of the same pairs) and I'm pretty much in love with this H&M skirt I picked up last weekend and want to live in it. And not gonna lie, I bought both items in the photo below:
Tippi linen sweater in whale and Liberty of London floral popover from J Crew. Whales on a blue sweater? Heck yes!

4th of July weekend might be what is keeping me sane as of late... my husband, parents, and I are off to Vegas and then on to Zion and Bryce National Parks in Utah. I'm really excited for a few reasons: 1) Vegas. 2) I haven't travelled (for fun) with my parents in at least 8 years. 3) this is the first sort of adventure vacation DH and I have had. I know it's going to be hot as all heck but I'm going to enjoy the scenery and prepare myself for lugging my big camera all over the place.

And so this isn't totally boring, some photos as of late...

City Hall on a walk before dinner.
Charles Phillip Shanghai flats I may have bought
It's always a treat to go back to the City Club

Oh, and to all those out there at BW/M.... ;)
Happy almost weekend!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Monarchs and stripes

Hello June! I'm finding it hard to believe that half the year is already over. But.. onward with the rest of the year and so far it's been pretty good so I'm not at all complaining.

With May's shopping ban over I'm officially back in the market and able to spend. But I'm being a lot more selective and thoughtful when it comes to buying items. The one thing I saw in May that I loved was the J Crew tippi in monarch. I finally nabbed it the other day for about 44 after the in store 30% promo and my mom's teachers discount.

You'll have to pardon the hair. I paired this over a white button down and a blue skirt. Also, I have no idea what my collar is doing but I promise it behaved itself for the first 10 hours of the day. I took my normal size Medium in this, and I feel as though it runs a tad larger than the other tippi's but since I tend to wear them over blouses I'm ok with that.

Props to dh for taking this photo and doing laundry last night. Boom.

Monarch tippi: Online, check stores for cheaper prices
White button down: J Crew factory
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