Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Falling in love...

With JCrew's autumn catalogue. Holy cow, I think I want every single item from these pages. I mean really, there hasn't been a clothing catalogue that I've filpped through in a really long time and said "I need to start putting money aside for this season".

Probably the highlight for me is the schoolboy blazer in navy. I'm in love. Fallen hard - head over heels that I may end up paying full price for this item. I also do like the red version in wool - but there's something about a navy blazer that is timeless and can be worn throughout every season.

Another item that I'm crushing on is the stripe-breaker sweater. Stripes! In navy and cream! I adore this. I would definitely put a blue collared shirt on under this. Or maybe even paired under the above blazer? Oh the possibilities....

Shoes. Lets talk about shoes. I'm a flat-wearing girl - I'm not big on heels. I walk to and from work and all over the city (and kinda clumsy in heels) so I tend to stick to flats. My heart sang when I saw these in the shop the other day and I had to literally pry my hands off them and walk out. The oxford ballet flat is the last piece that would pull any awesome fall outfit together. Must.Have.Soon.

So maybe with some birthday money that may come my way in the next month I'll splurge on one of these items. I'm not quite sure what I want the most... I think its a toss up between the shoes and the blazer.

Happy hump day!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend photo replay

Some photos that I snapped this weekend... the first three are from my massive walk on Saturday morning throughout Nob Hill, Russian Hill, North Beach, Telegraph Hill, and the Embarcadero.

I love sidewalk art... little reminders to be happy and smile

There was some major pollination going on at the top of the hill...

I loved this perfect pink little rose hiding on the stairs to Coit Tower

The last one is how Rosie got her nickname Chomps...

Watch out, she'll chomp your feet..

Also in big news we're about to sign our wedding contract for August 11, 2012! I can feel the stress leaving my shoulders as I type this. The next big thing I want to knock out right away is our photographer.

So that's about it for now - I can't believe July is already coming to a close and August is knocking on our doors. Odd to think that I'll be 27 in a month - jeesh that sounds... old. :O

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And it was (all) yellow

Happy July 12th everyone - it's another everybody everywear day! This month's theme is yellow (which I actually don't have a ton of). I thought I had my outfit all planned out for today - a mustard yellow skirt and flats - but a client decided to come in last minute so I'm dressed like a corporate drone/flight attendant.  With that being said I couldn't resist adding this scarf to my outfit today - the gold and white really pops.

Apologies for the headless shot - I was making an odd face. And I saved you from the blandness of my black pencil skirt and tights. ;)

I hope everyone has a better Tuesday than me - so far a bird has taken its aggression out on me, I can't find my glasses (nope they're not on my head) and a laptop I need to use is password protected. Augh!

Yellow </P>
<P>Everybody, Everywear

Monday, July 11, 2011


Time flies by so fast lately - to the point that it's hard to notice that July is already starting to slip away. For the first time in quite a few days the weather here is not so beautiful; instead its dismal and grey and leaves me wishing for my bed and kindle.

With time passing fiance and I realized that this weekend marks our first cattiversary. On July 10 2010 we marched ourselves (with my sister and her bf in tow) down to the San Francisco SPCA in search of a new friend. I'm not gonna lie - it was hard. We'd seen another cat there the weekend before but we were immediately in love with a green eyed girl with stripes and a white belly who was waving at us with her paws and started up her purr once we stepped in the room. It was then that Rosie (formerly known as Boscolita) chose fiance and I.

our first day home - july 10, 2010
in our windowsill on her cat condo
It's crazy how something - or someone can change your life so drastically. I can't imagine my life without my feline companion and it's so hard to think of what I did before she came along.
cat nap - or how she likes to sleep with us at night.

To my Rosie, thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness into our (normally boring) lives. Thank you for picking us. Love, laura.

she knew i was talking to her, too.

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