Monday, April 14, 2014

April Insta-lately

In between prepping for my busiest time of the year at work, studying for my upcoming HR test and trying to enjoy the better weather blogging has been at the bottom of my list lately.

But here's what I've been up to - feel free to follow along on instagram here!

We celebrated the anniversary of my Nonno's passing with his favorite - cream puffs! 
Warmer weather finally means venturing outside during lunch 
Sometimes she's too cute for words, and I'd rather spend the day in bed with her than doing other responsible adult things.
J Crew top, random blazer, Gap pants.
Did you know SF has windmills? We have two! And you can see them from Ocean Beach.
Why studying can sometimes be hard...
Tried on this prada bag and fell in love... maybe a 30th birthday present?
Have you discovered anything fun through instagram lately? Do tell!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Budget

The good: Spin and staying active has gotten me away from the mall. Huzzah!
The bad: I've been so stressed/busy with work and HR test prep that I've been neglecting the blog.
The ugly: I broke my ban yesterday. Bah.

I had been doing so good you guys. No clothes after Ash Wednesday..resisting all the promos in emails. And then... 40% off in store at J Crew. And the lady added my mom's educator discount on top of it.

Hook, line, sinker.


Old navy dot top: 15
Old navy striped boatneck top: 10x2
Old navy sailboat sweater: 15
Old navy rockstar pants: 10
J Crew lattice popover: 27 in store
J Crew lovebirds baseball tee: 17
J Crew lattice sweatshirt: 29
J Crew striped sleeve sweater: 35 
J Crew striped collared tank: 30
J Crew minnie pants: 30
Not pictured: J crew baseball tee: 17

- 25 J Crew card... ugh. Not thrilled with what I've spent.. but I have needed some new options for work. 

Since I broke my ban I've decided to go fashion free for all of April. I may have to purchase a pair of shoes for spin because my cross trainers just aren't cutting it anymore.

How did you do?

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Life Lately + J Crew sale picks

Studying for my upcoming exam and still learning a lot at work has kept me incredibly busy as of late. Weekends have been trying to spend some time in the sun and exploring hidden parts of our city. A few weekends ago we headed to the Conservatory of Flowers for their butterfly exhibit and I made a friend.
85 degrees plus 90% humidity in the butterfly room. Eep!
This past weekend DH and I decided to take a break and headed to wine country for a 24 hour escape. We read, drank wine, and caught some sun, ate cheese, slept late, and sat by the pool. If only all weekends could be like that... And I highly recommend the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa - I keep wishing I had another 2 days there!
Wine & reading in the sun
Since I gave up shopping for Lent I've been channeling my shopping urges into doing something more constructive - spin class. I signed up and have been going three times a week. I feel as though I'm sleeping better and leave class feeling good. I'm going to measure myself to see if I lose any inches off my waist, and have been trying to go all veggie for weekday lunches too. So far, so hopefully I stick with it!

But in case you haven't heard J Crew is doing 40-50% off sale again, and here are my picks for those who can spend - are you grabbing anything during this latest promo?

My picks:
Linen embroidered bird tee
Painter tee - love the grey combo!
Embroidered floral tee - the ivory and navy is just lovely
Marled jeweled sweatshirt
French print popover
Lattice medallion popover

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nautical Thursdays

I think from here on out I shall dub Thursdays nautical Thursdays. Bring on the stripes, pearls, and anchors because I seriously cannot get enough.

The minute I saw this sweater at Old Navy I knew that it had to be a part of my wardrobe, and with last weekend's big sale I finally bit. It makes me want to go back to Boston and see Cape Cod and visit a lighthouse and have a clam bake (because that's what this west coast gal thinks of when I think New England...).

To stay warm I paired a blue blazer over it and kept it casual with beige loafers on the bottom.

Sweater: Old Navy, exact
Blouse: Old Navy, exact
Blazer: Banana Republic
Jeans: Banana Republic skinny straight

Are there any items that you absolutely adore and try to make a day a week out of wearing?

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

February 2014 Spending Recap

Feb 2014

Gap pullover cable sweater: 17.50
Lands End Canvas twill knit pants: 26.00 each x 2
J Crew Factory dress: 34.50

Not pictured:

Loft jeweled cardigan: 8.00
Loft tights: 2.00
Loft skinny jeans: 15

Total spent in February: 94.00.

By far one of my cheapest months yet. I think that I am fairly content with my wardrobe as it is now, and I'm not even sure that I will keep the above mentioned 8.00 cardigan (do I really need another cardigan? Probably not...).

I'm also hoping to make March and April low spend fashion months as well, and keep drawing inspiration from other blogs and remixing pieces in my current wardrobe.

How did you do in February?

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

An ordinary Wednesday outfit

I have seem to forgotten how much I absolutely love this skirt and how often I should be wearing it. The red is a great color and pairing it with neutrals seems to tone down the brightness a bit. Finally - an outfit worth blogging about!

Today I paired it with my new sweater from the Gap that I picked up for 17.00. When I asked the husband about it in store I asked him if it looked like a pretzel on the front, and he agreed. So I bought the sweater and instantly wanted a pretzel with cheese sauce. Oi. And underneath it is the Banana Republic jeweled collar blouse I bought after Christmas and this blouse has been frequently worn. The jewels on the collar are so subtle and I love pairing it under a cardigan or sweater.

Adorable Kate Spade phone case... Love the flowers!
I did get lots of compliments on the skirt at the office today so I figured I'd finally add something fashiony to the blog again.

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Sweater: Gap (similar)
Blouse: Banana Republic (similar here on sale!)
Skirt: J Crew (Factory version here - check stores)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Musings v. 2

Long weekends where you just go on a whim are always my favorite kind of long weekends. This weekend we pretty much did just that - slept in, napped, had dinner and drinks with friends, ran into 5 of my old coworkers, and took long walks while the weather was gorgeous. I just wish we had a three day weekend at least once a month to savor!
Pardon the fur, we were snuggling..
Yesterday wrapped up beer week in SF where craft and large breweries get together to host events throughout the bay area. Last night we were able to go to one at the Trumer Pilsner tasting room in Berkeley and I was finally able to try some of the elusive Pliny the Younger. We met a girl yesterday who said she waited for 6 hours on a weekday just to try it. I'm definitely glad I got to try it once.. but not sure I'd wait that long.
In all of it's beer-y glory..
Thanks to Gigi's post I decided to take her advice and snap up the J Crew Factory sleeveless dress for the awesome price of 34.50. Go now - there's still free shipping! As I get used to not wearing jeans 5 days a week I'm going to try my hand at dresses.

Remember that Goyard bag that I was so excited about finally getting? Well... 5 months after getting it and having the paint chip off one panel, a 6ish week long battle with their customer service and a replacement bag later, I am totally turned off of that brand.*  Perhaps the wishy-washy customer service just left a really bad taste in my mouth, but I'm going to give Mr. Vuitton another try. *(My experience is not necessarily the one you may have - I've heard that the Paris store has excellent customer service but San Francisco is clearly lacking).

And to round this out with some travel talk... has anyone been to any destination in Scandinavia or perhaps Poland? We are looking at doing another Euro trip later this year and are looking at cities. Throw them my way!