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Twenty something human resources professional by day, J Crew addict and amateur photographer by night. Married since August 11, 2012, and can't get enough of Rosie the cat, Frankie and Ollie the chinchillas, all things San Francisco, good food, cold beer, and has recently come down with an extreme case of wanderlust and constantly wanting to plan the next trip.

30 before 30 - the countdown to August 30, 2014

Dedicate more time and effort to the blog
Make homemade pasta and sauce
Join a sports team/bowling league/ice skating lessons (Does spin count?)
Bike across the golden gate bridge
Go to the symphony with DH
Go fruit/pumpkin picking
Hike Angel Island - June 14, 2014
Bake at least once a month with my kitchenaid mixer
Visit the Italian American Museum 
Organize and play a bocce day
Be nicer to my cuticles
Clean my wardrobe
Exercise more and eat better
Visit at least one new US city Portland, Or - Sept 2013; Asheville, NC - Nov 2013; Kiawah Island, SC - Nov 2013
Read a minimum of 40 new books
Take and pass the PHR May 3, 2014!
Push myself harder at work
Strip down the wardrobe
Be better with impulse purchases
Visit another National Park (that I haven't been to already...)  Muir Woods - Dec 2013
Perfect my pie making abilities
Have a dinner party
Visit another California coast lighthouse
Cook dinner at home at least twice a week
Get a few steps closer to buying our own place
Do something that really pushes my boundaries/limits
Finish my online course early (prior to November 20..) October 31, 2013
Work on being a better wife
Do something spontaneous
Be okay with turning 30.


  1. Ooh, I love reading a 30 before 30 list... I'm almost done with mine (but already turned 30 a couple of months ago, whoops) but you make me want to add to it with some of these fun (and self-bettering!) ideas. Also, you should be able to cross of that last one: I can tell you that turning 30 is great :) It's the best excuse to do lots of fun celebrations!


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