Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Standard work week uniform

One of the first things you should know about me is that I'm a creature of habit. More often than not, change scares me.

So this week (when I guess you could say) I transfered offices (and even though it's only 2 blocks away from the old one) I feel as though my entire morning and evening routine has changed. I don't have to cross streets anymore - I can walk all the way down on one side of the street. The same Starbucks I used to visit isn't the most convenient anymore. And don't get me started on the new floor button I have to press - I've been pushing 8 for more than 2 years and now 13 seems so foreign.

Regardless, something that has always remained constant is my love of blazers, dark jeans, and flats. I recently picked up this red merino turtleneck during the J Crew sale for about 15 and love it. This morning when I noticed the high wasn't supposed to hit 60 I just felt like something warm, cozy, and familiar.

Also, not gonna lie, I also picked up the same turtleneck but in grey. 

Tomorrow is Wednesday which marks half the work week already done - hurrah! And hopefully tomorrow I remember to push the right button on the elevator....

What are some of your cures for when you have to break a routine of yours?

Blazer: Gift, similar here
Turtleneck: J Crew merino turtleneck (check stores, mine had plenty)
Jeans: Gap skinnies
Necklace: H&M, similar here

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Of tweed and jewels

In case I haven't already mentioned to you before, I'm pretty much addicted to blazers. More often than not I'm wearing one at the office and they can be such classic pieces that can take an ordinary outfit to something that's a bit more... grown up.

So when I spied this in J Crew the other day (and it happened to be in my size..) I tried it on.  And of course, it fit. So I decided to be good and place it on hold to think about it... and realized with the 50% off sale promotion I'd be dumb to pass it up.

Introducing the newest blazer to closet - the J Crew Collection Jeweled Collar blazer.
Blazer - J Crew, Button down - Old Navy, Jeans - 7 For all mankind
I took my normal J Crew size - a size 8 in this. The blazer is made of wool and definitely thick and warm. It even has a hidden inside pocket. I don't think that I would've paid 325.00 for this ... but for what I'm paid I'm happy I did. The buttons also have anchors on them... love anchors!

And so sorry for the awkward last photo but I wanted to try and show a close up of the collars. It also came with jewel reinforcements in case any of them happen to have the misfortune of falling off.

So I'm fairly sure I'm done buying blazers for awhile.. unless I find one in plaid. Or houndstooth. And that's it I swear (pinky swear, too!).

Do you have an item in your closet that you can't seem to stop from buying in different colors/patters/fabrics?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Floral lately

January... already almost over? Holy cow. Life has been increasingly busy but finally a three day weekend is upon us to sleep, watch football, and sleep some more. 

Tonight we are heading out to a German restaurant that reminds DH and I of Oktoberfest...lots of lively people and boots of beer. And spazel. I love spazel.

This is probably one of my more favorite sale buys from J Crew over the past few months. The fact that it's Liberty of London makes me like it even more. And I've paired it with different color sweaters and it works well, too.

I also have to admit that I bought this cardigan in another color too. I believe I got them both for about 20, or the pink one slightly under that. Major score. I keep looking to see if any of the pink/purple liberty shirts pop up in my local J Crew but alas, I haven't seen any.

Another major score? This bag for 69.99. I almost felt guilty for buying it at that price. I used some holiday money to pay for it so I'm not feeling too bad. It could use a bit of a leather conditioner on the front but for the price I paid I'm not too worried.

Has there been anything lately that you've gotten as a really good deal (almost too good to be true but not)?

Liberty perfect shirt in Wiltshire
J Crew classic merino long cardigan in vibrant purple
Necklace as a gift, similar here
Edie grand, exact here

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Living in mustard

I always thought mustard was one of those colors that I could never wear, or even get close to wearing. But when I unwrapped this under the Christmas tree from my parents I was excited to try again. I decided to not overdo my accessories on this one and let the jacket speak for itself.
Jeans: Gap, Bluse & jacket: J Crew

I paired this with my french hen shirt and dark jeans to offset the brightness of the jacket.

Work has been intense lately, hence my lack of posts (my outfits have been pretty dull because its been work sleep repeat lately) but with the weekend finally in sight I'm hoping to snuggle up in some warm sweaters as a cold snap comes our way.

And.. I finally decided what to get with my J Crew giftcard! Stay tuned.. I will do a proper reveal of the item soon. :)

Are there any new fashion items that you've recently tried and now love?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Financial Goal - 52 Week Challenge

Since a new year is upon us I'm always trying to think of a goal that I can set for myself concerning my finances. I was fortunate enough in 2012 to hit my big financial goal for the year a week before 2013 (thanks mom and dad) and when I saw this one pop up on a forum I frequent I knew immediately that I wanted to participate.

The 52 week money challenge is easy - for each week of the year you put away the dollar amount corresponding with the number of the week. Since this is the first week of the year I'm putting away 1.00, and next week will be 2.00, and so forth. And the awesome thing? At the end of the year you have almost 1400.00 socked away to use for whatever you'd like.

I'm thinking of starting a separate small checking account for this so I can easily transfer funds over each week from our main account. I think weeks 40-52 will be a bit of a challenge... but I'm always good for a fight!

If anyone else is interested in joining I'd love company!

Have you set any financial goals for 2013?
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