Thursday, November 28, 2013


It's almost midnight here in South Carolina and after a long but happy and warm day with family here on the east coast I've been reflecting a bit on the word that I threw out at our annual Thanksgiving dinner ritual of saying what we are thankful for.

I'm first and foremost extremely grateful for my husband, who is not only incredibly supportive but has pushing me to stop and think about things differently. I have been trying to change one aspect of my life and have been looking for the right time, the right opportunity to do so. While it hasn't happen yet, it doesn't mean it's not out there.

My parents are amazing. They have also been very supportive of my recent endeavors and have been telling me that no matter what they are proud of me.

I am extremely grateful for all the things that I have in my life - my family, my pets, the fact that I have a job, that I live in an amazing city and have been able to travel to some fantastic places this year. 

And, looking forward, I am extremely thankful for the opportunities that may arise in the near future.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Recent Factory J Crew/Finds

For some reason, J Crew Factory has really hit it out of the park recently on items that I've wanted in the past but never had a chance to get (so, while my wallet begs you to stop, I'm interested to see what will be in the next roll out).

I took advantage of the last 40% off promo as well as the 20% off 3 or more items to get the following:

Factory classic button down in suckered plaid - item 41430. I took my normal M. I believe I missed out on this in normal J Crew stores last year so happy to find it at Factory.
Factory plaid flannel in grey - item 30519. Another retail gone factory. Again, size M. Also I'm totally on a plaid/flannel kick as of late.
Factory colorblock linen baseball tee, size M. While this is backordered until what feels like Christmas I'll eagerly be awaiting its arrival.
In stores marked down to 34.99 - 40% - the funny birds tee. I had to size down in this one to a S as I feel as though it ran huge on me. It has birds. And they are funny. I loved this when I first saw it but was turned off by the price. At 20 and some cents, I'm much more okay with that. What more can I say?
And one more marked down to about 20 and some change - the dots over stripes tee. Another that I took in a S. This still shows as full price on the website, but was marked down like the birds tee to 34.99.

So that's about it. Have you gotten any great buys from the sales recently?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Life Lately

Counting down to a week off of work is often one my favorite things to do. For Thanksgiving this year DH and I are going to the Carolina's to visit family, and leave the Saturday before Thanksgiving for a full week off. I'm excited as I've never been there and would love to get my fill of Southern comfort food (although I worry about my waistline... oof). And hopefully there will be some pretty colored leaves still waiting on tree branches by the time we get there.So if anyone is in the Asheville area of NC I'd love some food/sight seeing/must do recommendations!

I've also been reflecting on a certain aspect of my life that tends to take up 40 hours a week. And reflecting upon how I could/should exercise more, but I guess around this time of year I tend to want to hibernate. And I'm sure that donut I had Sunday night didn't do me any favors.

The Nordstrom semi annual sale has been giving me a run for my money. I bought a pair of boots, but then tried these on and now have no idea which ones to keep. There's part of me that would love to start my wardrobe over but money and space prevent me from doing that. And then if I won the lottery, there's these. And don't even get me started on plaid/flannel - I pretty much want to live in it.

So - I hope for more interesting items soon. What has caught your eye recently?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

October buys

Here's where my money went this month...
October buys
J Crew drape front sweatshirt: 23.99
J Crew peter pan collared blouse: 29.99
J Crew Number 2 Pencil Skirt: 59.99
J Crew Polka dot baseball tee: 14.99
Minnetonka thunderbird II mocs: 39.99
J Crew Cubist Houndstooth Scarf: 24.99
Not pictured: 
Ralph Lauren Factory button down: 29.00
J Crew Lace front sweatshirt: 35.00

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