Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ode to the J Crew Biennial Satchel

I'm not gonna lie - I'm a former handbag addict. Perhaps I shouldn't say former as much as I should say recovering. I had been eying the J Crew Biennial satchel in store and in the catalogues ever since I first saw it sometime last year. And a few weeks ago when it got marked down online, and had an additional 30% off, well I bit.
Here I am trying the bag on in store. It was love at first sight.
Today's outfit in a dressing room: Blazer and crops: Gap. Bag and blouse: J Crew. Scarf: Jason Wu For Target.

I'm a leather gal - and the leather on this bag is AMAZING. It's probably the softest bag I own now - even softer than bags that I own that are much more expensive. It's a true red (even though the photo above doesn't show it) and I can fit it over my shoulder. The only thing that worries me a bit is color transfer from dark jeans or scratching, but I guess all leather is prone to that. The bag has three zipped compartments and the above pic is holding my wallet, makeup case, headphones, sunglasses, kindle, and a few other miscellaneous items tossed in. I could fit my ipad in there too, but I don't like taking it to and from work so it remains at home. But really - this bag would be perfect to travel with too!

Better pics of today's outfit:
Anyway. Life has been hectic. Work is good and it's hard to believe that in about two weeks we'll be going to Colorado for the first wedding of the season.

Also, for what feels like the first time ever, I bought a pair of white jeans. Thank you target, for cute affordable items that I can test the waters with.

Outstanding summer wishlist items:
Spiked shoes, mint colored sweater, another pop of color blazer, the Asos Penguin blouse I found online the other day..

In wedding news... invitations are here and going out this week. I have a dress fitting on Saturday and my sister and mom are helping me with some stuff :) Trying to keep it a secret... shh!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far... so looking forward to this weekend and an extra day to sleep in!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Favorite things

Things lately have been so busy - in fact I can't even believe that we are almost at the 90 day mark to the wedding countdown. Where does the time go?! Even though we are knee-deep in May here's some things I've been loving lately..

All shades of blue:
Blouse and skirt: JCrew, Cardigan: Banana Republic, Shoes: Anthropologie
Legging jeans and blazer: Gap, Lace shell: Banana Republic, Scarf: H&M (thanks mom!)
Ladybugs in my in the back garden near my windows..

This leopard print blouse from Zara:
The JCrew biennal satchel I picked up on uber sale...
Seattle for 24 hours with my future MIL to meet the President...
And that's about it! It's Friday, the sun is out, it's also payday, and I can't complain!

What are some of your favorite things as of late?


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mixed metals

I've come to the realization that I really don't post too much about my jewelry pieces - so I'd love to share some of my favorite and most worn items with you. It's a collection of silver, white gold, and yellow gold. I used to primarily wear yellow gold (my grandparents are old school and always believed that its not real gold unless its yellow...) but as I've gotten older I've gravitated more toward white. And I've started to mix and match pieces without feeling as if its against a fashion code.
My everyday wear on my left arm

Since I'm right handed my left wrist bears my watch and my engagement ring. A few years ago I decided that it was time for a grown up watch and I saved up to get my beloved Michelle diamond CSX. I love this thing. Just the perfect amount of bling and it's still grown up. Plus it has the date. Love! And of course, my most favorite piece of jewelry - my tacori engagement ring.
I got the silver knot at one of the bay area's many arts and wine fairs that pop up during the summer. I'm blanking on who its by, but I love it because its so simple yet feminine at the same time (I found this similar one but in yellow gold through Dogeared). And the fearlessness necklace was a present from my soon to be mother in law when I graduated college. Whenever I feel as if I have a daunting task ahead of me I put it on to remind me to not let fear stop me. But what's really awesome about this necklace is that the proceeds benefit Mariska Hargitay's foundation for assault victims. Click here to purchase this necklace.
Two more dainty pieces. D for David - another purchase from an art and wine festival. I was wanting something with his initial on it and I searched and searched until I found this one. The gold one is a piece that I got off etsy with my first ever big bonus from work. It's a bit of a reminder to myself of how hard I've worked and to not forget that. Purchased from Three Black Cats - Karen is an absolute gem!

My charm bracelet - which I recently dug out of my my jewelry pouch and have decided to start wearing again. Pictured are charms for my high school and perochial school graduation as well as a sweet 16 charm. I also think I need a few more charms for it though, such as 2007 for my college graduation and perhaps a 2012 one for getting married. Or maybe a cat. Opinions are welcome!

As for earrings, I usually have on a small pair of diamond studs that I got on my 13th birthday which are set in yellow gold.

And that's some of my favorite stuff... what are some of your more often worn jewelry items?

PS: Stay tuned.... I'll hit 100 posts soon and am planning a giveaway!
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