Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Prep school graduation

Okay, not really. I did go to a prep high school, complete with uniforms (a la Britney Spears in her baby one more time video. trust me, it wasn't that cool). And for some reason, despite the not so flattering uniforms there's a part of me that's always been a die-hard prep deep down inside. Plaid? Love it! Blazers? I'll throw that in too. And elbow patches? Some of my favorite things to go on shirts. I love some of the looks from Tommy Hillfiger and Ralph Lauren (but can't stomach the prices).

To beat the impending rain storm coming our way I decided to brighten things up -I found my red blazer! And my first chambray shirt, too! (I feel like I'm making progress..).
See? Elbow pads!
 Blazer, shirt, and scarf: H&M. Jeans: Urban Outfitters. Necklace: Tiffanys (gift). Shoes: from Morocco! (gift)

I also have to delve a bit into this scarf I spotted at H&M last night and decided I had to have. Someone in the office commented it looks a lot more expensive than the 9.95 price tag it had on it - and I have to agree. Plus whats not to love about cheetahs and irises? I mean, genius to put both those things together.

I'm also trying my hand at instagram - for anyone who is on there find me at makeupandpearls. There's a lot of my cat. But she's cute so I guess its okay.

Thursday morning FH and I are off to Hawaii for the wedding of two of our dear friends. It's a short trip, but look for my post on how I'm packing lightly (with the exception of the party goods I need to bring for the bridal shower).

Friday, February 24, 2012

Blazer Dilemma

Okay - perhaps its not really a dilemma, but really I'm on the hunt for a fun colored blazer to add to my wardrobe of drab blue, black, and grey ones. I need some spicing up in the blazer department - and I have a visa giftcard that I'm going to put toward the purchase.

Below are some of the ones I'm considering... I'd love to hear your thoughts on them and welcome any other suggestions you might have!
Photo via nordstrom.com
I saw this online and tried it on in store the other night... perhaps it was the lights there or maybe I'm just not confident enough but I'm half wanting to buy this right away and half wanting to turn and run. It is a bit more reddish orange in person. It also comes in a cobalt blue which was not in my size and I liked as well, and white was gorgeous too (but I'm paranoid to spill something on it...). Gibson blazer, 88.00 via nordstrom.com
Image via nordstrom.com
Another option from Nordstrom - but this one is in a pure red. I like red. I'm not quite sold on the sleeves. But.. the price is fantastic - and it also comes in yellow, green, and white. Ambition twill blazer, 59.00 via nordstrom.com.
From Forever 21
This is a more cost friendly option from forever 21. I would definitely have to go in store to try this one on because their sizing can fluctuate on me. I also really like the pink option they have.. but I'm not so sure this is something I could wear to the office. Single button blazer, 24.90 at forever21.com
Image from Loehmann's.com
I saw this on Loehmann's.com and if it was in my size I would possibly order this. It also comes in several other colors as well. I know, I know... its blue. But.. Cobalt is different than navy, right? Necessary Objects Boyfriend Blazer, 39.99, loehmanns.com.
Adorableness from landsendcanvas.com
I know, I know. Grey. And tweed. BUT IT HAS ELBOW PATCHES! Do you know how excited I get over elbow patches? You might now. Anyway. This is on sale. I kinda sorta love it. Just had to throw this one in there... just because. Women's wool hunting jacket, 64.99, canvas.landsend.com.

So that's my round up... any input is more than welcome!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent promises

With today being Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent I've been trying to reflect on things in my life that I could/should be doing better at. And with the next 40 days to use as being reflective I thought that I'd list the things that I want to do beginning today with..
My favorite journals... ahh moleskines...
1) Write every day. Whether its here, in my paper journal or randomly on my tumblr I'd really like to write more. Even if its about nothing or something in particular I just need to get back to writing as a daily outlet.

2) Be better about the gym. Or lack thereof. I have a gym membership and I really need to just suck it up and use it. Especially with the sun staying out a bit longer ad more daylight there is really no excuse for me to be lazy (except for when its absolutely necessary...).

3) Be more mindful of my spending/shopping. Although I really haven't been doing too much of it lately I do need to watch what I spend on food and entertainment. I should also cook more at home.

4) Be kinder/more patient.

For those of you that partake in lent - what are your goals for the next 40 days?

Hurrah for Wednesday... the weekend is one day closer!

Friday, February 17, 2012

All inked up

Ink. Tats. Tattys. Tattoos, or whatever else you choose to call them. I have a few, and thanks to a comment the other day I thought I'd formally introduce you to them.

The one that started it all - Summer 2005. I had known for awhile that I wanted a tattoo but I couldn't narrow it down. Summer 2005 was my last summer of being at home before going away to UC Santa Cruz. I was excited but scared to death. As a kid my parents had taken us down to Natural Bridges State Park to visit and learn about the monarch butterfly migration that happens every fall. So, in a way, it was natural for my first piece to be a monarch.
In 2006 my sister turned 18... so we decided to celebrate by getting sister tattoos. I drove home for the weekend and we headed over to Berkeley's Telegraph Ave to some of the tattoo studios there. We decided to get something simple... matching hearts. Mine is on my back/lower shoulder and hers is on her hip.
In 2002 after FH and  I had gotten together we started traveling with his family toward the end of the year. The first year it was Los Angeles and Palm Springs. The next year was Hawaii, followed by Mexico, and then many more trips to Hawaii. After one particular trip to the grand island of Maui his sister and I got henna tattoos. Upon coming home I realized that I liked it so much I decided to get it tatooed on me... and so came out my plumeria flower.
Most likely my favorite and most meaningful tattoo was my last one. My grandpa passed away in December of 2007. I had decided on the day he passed that I was going to get a tattoo for him but it took me months to try and pick exactly what I wanted. I knew it was going to be a flower... but what kind? He had been a natural green thumb - his front and back yard was filled with orchids, roses, an apple tree, blossoms of every kind. And then it dawned on me - what did I see everytime I rang the doorbell? A bird of paradise. So I marched off to the tattoo studio again. I sang along to the oldies radio station and was told that I was an old soul. And when I saw the end result, I cried. I cried a lot.
The above picture sits with the flowers and cards and other small trinkets at my grandpa's grave. It hurt like hell.. but in a way, it was a bit of a healing process.

Do I have plans for more? Heck, I'd love a few more.... Rosie's paw print, how my parents sign their cards to me near my heart... but... we shall see what the future holds.

Do you have any tattoos or other work on your body? Share!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Q and A Monday linkup and Outfit of the day!

Here we go again! It's Monday! Q& A linkup time!

1. What was the best day of your life?  Probably the day my now fiance proposed. That - and the days that followed were just magic.

2. What was the worst day of your life? The day my grandpa passed away. I felt my whole world turn upside down.

3. Do you know how to swim? Yes but not well. I don't know how to dive! :(

4. Cup ½ empty or ½ full? I'd prolly say half empty but run to fill it up again.

5. Where were you born? Seton Medical Center, Daly City, CA

6. Are you a morning person? Far from it. I hate mornings.

7. Are you a spontaneous person? I'm becoming moreso as I get older...

8. How many tattoos do you have? 4!

9. Have you ever milked a cow? Can't say that I have...

10. What was the most adventurous thing you have ever done? This one is hard... I guess in the grand scheme of things I'm not that adventurous! Perhaps it was at a team building ropes course - climbing to the top of a 20 ft pole, jumping off, and touching a ball in the middle of the arena. And screaming the whole way down.

And so it's not just text... here's my outfit today. I'm a little sad that its pouring rain outside and I'm definitely not dressed for it but alas! At least I hopefully look cute?

Skirt + blouse - banana republic (skirt here, blouse here). Sweater - jcrew. (similar here) Shoes - Prada (similar peeptoe here). Scarf - Jason Wu for Target.
Here's to a good start of the work week!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Six months out - a wedding update

It's a little hard to belive that FH and I have been engaged for almost 11 months - and we're getting married in 6 (to the date tomorrow).  While getting the larger items out of the way was pretty easy it's the smaller details that are starting to catch up to me and make me stress like mad.

Here's what we have so far...
Our venue/chef - The City Club
DJ/Photobooth - A photobooth was the one thing I really wanted so huzzah!
Photographers - I'm so excited to work with our pick!
Officients - we are having both a rabbi as well as a priest to encompass both sides of our soon to be formed family
Strings booked
Wedding dress/wedding shoes (no peeking, either!)
Save the dates - ordered and sent! Thanks to hello lucky for their quick turnaround time!
Ours are in our colors though... Design available at Hello Lucky!
Bridesmaids dresses - thank you anthro for having such cute stuff
Mani/pedi location rented out for morning of pampering

Appointments made for:
Cake tastings!
Wedding bands at the jewelry showroom

Need to do:
Engagement pics
Formal invitations
Set up menu tasting with chef
Do not play list + first dance song (harder than I thought!)
Honeymoon arrangements - Italy and Munich here we come!
Photo via here
Decide on where to get ready prior to the wedding - at a hotel or at the venue?
Hair walkthrough with my lady CJ
Dress tailoring - I need to pick it up and bring it to the seamstress
Order gifts for the bridesmaids, FH, and a small something for my parents
Flower designs

And everything small and large in between. I definitely can see how wedding planning can be a full time job - oi! Regardless, I'm still eagerly counting down the days until I get to walk the big aisle on my day.

Any of you married gals... what helped you in planning your big day?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jason Wu for Target Haul

I got up early. I shopped. I conquered. I came home with just about everything I wanted from the Target that Lori of Part-time fashion for a full-time life and I went to early Sunday morning for the Jason Wu release.

People were pretty civilized - althoughthe first three people together in line cleared out 1300 worth of clothes and accessories in one go (okay, so I stalked the register and watched their total add up..). The only item I didn't snag was the black pleated skirt, but I think that I might be able to get that anywhere.
 Milu cat tote - 39.99. I adore this, probably more than I should. The fact that its raining today made me think twice about bringing it out because I don't want it to get ruined. I have to admit its much more sturdy and less flimsy than I was expecting.
 Milu silk scarf - 19.99. Have you met my other cat scarf, the Hermes Cave Felem? Think of this as its much more plentiful cousin (and no, nothing compares to the Hermes silk scarf). Regardless - this thing is HUGE. I really wasn't expecting it to be this big! But I love it.
Here's a close up of some of the different cat poses on it.
Milu shirt - 19.99. I have to say that I was pretty surprised by the sizes in this line. The picture shirt is an XS. An XS! I don't think I've picked up anything that size in well, ever. I did nab a small as well to try on just to see the difference in them at home when I didn't feel like I needed to watch my back.

So that's about it for now... I think my mom may have been able to swipe me an item or two from her target. And if you didn't already know then I'm sure now you are aware I'm a crazy cat lady.
See? Crazy cat lady.

So.. if you made it out to your target or had luck online, what did you get from the Jason Wu line?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Question and answer Monday linkup

I saw this over at Pretty in pink Megan and thought this would be a fun idea for a normally bland Monday here in the office. :)

1. favorite place you've traveled. Wow... that's hard. I love all of Europe. Italy is amazing. Paris was romantic. London is full of adventure. Amsterdam is so charming with its canals... so that will have to do.

2. where would you want to go if you could have a paid ticket and hotel? Istanbul!

3. if you have a trip planned, where are you going? We have several this year.... Hawaii in March for a wedding, Denver and Philly in June for two weddings, DC in September and November, and our honeymoon in Europe in the fall.

4.Were you an honor roll student in school? Only in college.

5. what was your major in college English language literature. ;)

6. Ever go to camp? Never! :(

7. favorite tv show of all time Oh that is so hard. I've been watching AFV for years!

8. What was the last thing you ever got grounded for? I never got grounded. O:)

9. What was your childhood nickname? Laura Fo

10. what would your dream job be? Travel photojournalist / animal sanctuary owner.

And so this isn't lacking..some pics from this weekend.
 Pretty flowers at one of our favorite brunch spots on Saturday morning.
 Rosie loving on my slippers (odd cat, at least she has good taste)
The new starbucks Valentines day cups - they always put a smile on my face!
And stay tuned later... I'll have my Jason Wu for target haul post! Happy Monday!
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