Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Long weekend sale steals

Or, in other words, why Laura is banned until at least 2013. But, lets get to fun stuff - what I picked up during the Thanksgiving sales.

From J Crew... Oh J Crew. I really should contemplate changing the title of this blog to I really should work at J Crew but I have a desk job. Or, J Crew gets my whole paycheck. Ahh, I digress. I placed an order Wednesday night and then on Sunday stopped in store because the 30% off was just too good. 
J Crew website order:
Lady jacket in spicy gold - the mustard is definitely not as bright as it appears online. I might have to try styling this with a few items in my wardrobe before I decide if I can pull it off or not but it was a steal at 69.99.
Saturday pant - love. These might become my new comfy plane travel pants. I'll definitely get these in another color the next time they go on sale.
iPhone case in anchor print - am I the only one who doesn't think this fits the iPhone 4S right? Most likely going back.

Sunday in store:
Polka dot sequin top - This is a little out of my comfort zone because its flashy. But I tried it on in store over a white blouse with jeans and really like how it looked. I just may have to push myself to wear this one a bit more as its a little out of my comfort zone.
Merino turtleneck in stripe - Elbow pads. Enough said. Cozy and comfy and stripes. Adore this. 
Orly genger rope necklace - I think I waited for this to go on sale for several months. Finally nabbed this in blue. 
Ballet flats in poppy - This is my first pair of J Crew ballet flats and I just adore the color. I think this will be the perfect shoe addition to my wardrobe for this season.

Window pane blazer - Okay. So I could also probably rename this blog I'm addicted to blazers too. Saw this in store and wasn't sure. Tried it on for MIL & SIL and they loved it. So it shall stay.
Ilume spring eden candle in mango - I love the way this candle smelled - it reminds me of vacation. I probably should've grabbed another.
Leather notebooks - Another thing I've always enjoyed are notebooks. I saw these and thought they were adorable with the pencil that comes with it. 

These were my first purchases from the Loft and I'm excited for these.
Sequin striped top - I saw this making the rounds on a few blogs and I tried it on in store and loved it.
Kitten sweater - Kitten print. Sweater. No more is needed on this. ;)

Banana Republic:
Striped knit skirt - I know I blogged about this skirt before. And I finally nabbed it in store for 11.00. Sweet!
Plaid button down - Blue plaid. Adore. Can't find this online but it should be in stores.

Whew! And that's about it!

DH and I are off to NY for a few days on Thursday and I'm a little afraid of how cold its going to be. But I'm also really looking forward to good food, visiting with some coworkers in my NY office and maybe hopefully hitting up the J Crew sample sale. Shhh. I swear I'm done.

Did you get anything during the holiday sale?

PS. Does anyone know how to do add a reply to comment? I still haven't figured that out.
PPS. I will seriously pay someone to redo my blog. Doesn't have to be crazy complex but I really suck at this html thing.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A giving of thanks

I am having a hard time realizing that 2012 is coming to an end, and with Thanksgiving at the end of this week I thought I'd take the time to reflect on some things that I'm thankful for.

My husband. After almost 10 years together this August we finally made it really official and tied the knot. By far my wedding day was the best day of my life. He's been with me through all of my ups and downs, is kind to my family, and has held my hand through the heartbreak of losing two of my grandparents earlier this year. I'm so grateful to have him and get to share the rest of my life with him.
My family, who have been so incredibly supportive throughout the wedding planning process - to both of my parents who showed such strength this year while they each lost a parent. To my sister who has been so happy for us and who was the best maid of honor I could ever ask for. And to the new group of people I get to call family - my inlaws who always give me a reason to laugh and make me feel welcome.
My job and my amazing coworkers who I also get to consider family. They've been so awesome this year in particular with my adventures of 2012 and I'm so excited to hug them all in person next week in NY. I'm so grateful that I have a job at a good company who is helping me further my career, and which helps me to provide for the home.

My furkids because they make life that much sweeter. Rosie, Frankie, Ollie, & even Cat Food the fish.

San Francisco. Because lets face it.. my city is pretty awesome. And the fact that DH and I can afford to live in the city giving us the ability to walk to work, visit friends, experience food and just enjoy our little piece of heaven.

For all of the years that I was able to spend with my Grandma and my Nonno. I miss them and my Grandpa dearly but I cherish the memories and life lessons that they taught me.

The ability to travel and have amazing adventures outside of the city. Although I always end up missing home..
Ischia Island - October 2012
Starbucks. Especially with the return of the salted caramel mocha. Mmmhmmm.

And my blog readers. Thank you so, so much - I can't tell you how much I appreciate you stopping by here!

Linking up with some other gals - but what are you thankful for this year?

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Spotted dotted

This was actually Wednesday's outfit, but who is counting. I think aside from my skirt and boot outfit this was my runner up of favorite outfit of the week. And the funny thing about my red jean search is that it actually took me to Wet Seal, a store I probably haven't set foot in in years (most definitely since before my age started having a 2 in the front of it). And that means belt necessary.
Sweater: Old Navy, Blazer: Banana Republic, Jeans: Wet Seal, Necklace: J Crew
Photos coming to you courtesy of the J Crew dressing room - finally a few photos of me without a sink in the background. Hah. I really like camel and red and blue together. And blazers... can you tell I have a problem? Okay okay. So it's one I'm fond of. But I can't get enough. I also can't get enough of dots. And plaid. I love it all.

Speaking of J Crew, while I was there the other night I nabbed a double serge wool pencil skirt in festival blue for 41. Complete steal! Online they are still 79.99 with an additional 30% off but check stores - prices are usually less for this item.

This weekend we have some plans to get together with friends tonight. Tomorrow is a complete free day with no plans. And if it's supposed to rain hopefully that means I can catch up on laundry and maybe have some brunch. Sunday I'm going to a bridal shower and then a thanksgiving get together with some coworkers.

And that, friends is my soon to be weekend in a nutshell. Is there anything specific you are looking forward to this weekend?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Leaving the comfort zone

I have to admit that I'm stepping a bit out of my comfort zone with the outfit below. I'm still half expecting someone to come up to me and say what the heck are you wearing? But I'm hoping that I can remix this outfit with different skirts and shirts to make this a fall/winter outfit staple. And boot socks. That would be helpful, too.
Cardigan: Gap, Button down: Old Navy, Skirt: Gary Graham, Boots: Frye
I originally tried this outfit on with a different shirt this morning but decided that this one works better. I really wanted to try this with a pencil skirt but I think that this one with a bit of a fuller skirt styles easier with the Frye boots. And the best part about the Frye boots? I scored them for 80. Brand new. Yup, probably one of the best purchases I've ever made.

J Crew Desert bloom bracelet
So - here's a two part question today. What has been one of your best fashion purchases - whether it was a super deal or a spur of the moment purchase that you've used over and over? And what's the best kind of socks to wear with your Fryes (cause my feet are hurting already and it's 10:10AM!)

I also picked up this bracelet at the J Crew sale the other day and I'm in love. In love like I want to wear it every single day love.
Also... I'm so addicted to Instagram these days and would love to see your photos :) Feel free to search for me - my username is makeupandpearls (and I certainly hope you like cat photos).

Happy to be linking up to the Everybody Everywhere November 13 boot challenge!
Boots | Everybody, Everywear

Friday, November 9, 2012

Dressed down Fridays

Ahh  Friday - my second third favorite day of the week!

A few weeks ago after snatching a coworkers down vest while being cold in the office I decided that I needed one too. I purchased one from Lands End and it arrived earlier this week. I finally took it out today since it's been rainy and cold here. I think I probably could've worn boots with this outfit and it would've been the icing on the top but I felt like rockin' a pair of thick socks with my sperrys today.
Plaid shirt - Jcrew, V neck - Nordstrom,  Down vest - Lans End, Jeans - Gap, Shoes - Sperry, Necklace - H&M
I really like this outfit and think it could work with a multitude of different shirts and sweaters. Swap out the sperrys and add in rainboots and I can make this work for a rainy Friday at work or even a weekend brunch with warm boots on. Or in the spring when its warmer I can go without the longsleeved vneck sweater. And this vest is just so cozy I completely understand how my cat feels when she finds a good sweater to nest in.

I feel as though this week has just dragged on and quite frankly I wouldn't mind curling up with take out and a book this evening, especially if it rains again and this cold front continues.

This weekend's plans include going out to the Red Bull Flugtag event tomorrow afternoon and then heading to the Niners/Rams game with a bunch of coworkers on Sunday. I'm excited - I have been to a proper football game in a long time and with such a big group I'm sure it'll add to my excitement.

So that's about it here - counting down the minutes until 5. What's on tap for your weekend?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Nordstrom sale shoe picks

Whoa California - bi-polar weather much? Not that I'm complaining, but summer is giving us one more run for our money with temps in the 80's today. Sadly being stuck in the office is no fun and the ones really complaining are the chinchillas who hate the heat.

This past weekend while DH was away I had lunch with a friend downtown and then we checked out the Nordstrom half yearly sale. I wasn't expecting to get anything but I ended up coming home with the two pairs of shoes below...

Steve Madden Chaufur flats via Nordstrom. Once again, loafers. I know, I'm totally on this menswear flat shoe kick and I'm loving it. Plus Ms. Rosie wanted in on the action - I think she got excited over the crinkling of the tissue paper and thought she was going to get a treat but here she is photobombing some of my shots. These flats are actually really comfy - I'm not wearing them today because its too hot but I can't wait to wear them after the heatwave is gone. And the price wasn't bad, either!

 Steve Madden studlyy flats in black, also via Nordstrom. I still love spikes. I think I had actually blogged about these earlier in the year but passed on them due to price. But when I saw them for sale on Saturday, well I couldn't help it. But note - size up! These run small. I'm normally a 7.5 but had to take these in an 8. The backs are also a bit stiff but I'm hoping with a heel liner and walking around the apartment that I'll be able to break them in. Plus there's sparkle. What's not to love?

There was a cashmere sweater that peaked my interest at the sale, so perhaps I will add it to my holiday wish list. And since I had a 75 gift card I paid less than a whole pair of shoes out of pocket for both pairs. Gotta love it!

And tomorrow is November 6, election day - so get out and vote!

Did you pick up anything from the Nordstroms sale?
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