Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I apologize for my absence of blog posts lately. Things around here have been insanely hectic between work with 7 new hires and a bunch of family stuff happening (another cousin engaged, my dad needs shoulder surgery, my uncle fell and broke his arm and also needs surgery) that blogging has kind of taken a back seat.

I'm happy to report that I'm still on my clothing ban. I did kinda break down and buy two skirts on my wish list - but everything I had purchased earlier in the month didn't fit when it arrived and I had to return it all. Boo. I'm actually thinking of doing something similar for June - but narrowing down what my cheat items will be. I've still been lusting after a maxi dress and a pair of shoes at urban, so perhaps those can be my two allotted items for the month of June.

Friday afternoon fiance, his mom, sister, and I are off to DC to meet up with the rest of his family for his grandpa's 80th birthday celebration. It will be fun - although I'm not so sure how I'm going to do with the weather (high in the upper 80's with thunderstorms - eesh!).

I also think I'm somewhat ready to make a lifestyle change - I really need to start eating better and exercising more. I'm thinking of looking into some zumba classes when we get back from DC and maybe doing a cleanse or something. I'd really like to get into better shape before the wedding and keep it up, ya know?

So that's whats going on in my little corner of the world.

I also started a tumblr account - I'm having fun with a little place to be random! unconventionalbride.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Color Brigade - Neapolitan stripes, black, cream, and gold

I'm seeing seeing stripes today.

I'm proud to present my outfit for nomination of the color brigade over at Kileen's blog Cute and Little. I'm also really thrilled to be sporting Anthropologie's Ardennes skirt... which I got on uber clearance for the fantastic price of 39.99. And this was even before I signed up for Kim's shop your closet may madness project. Woot woot! If you are feeling inspired to pair some colors together and get away from your normal shades (for me it seems to be greys, blues, and whites) then head on over to her blog for some color inspiration.

Top: Gap Cardigan: Banana Republic Skirt: Anthropologie Shoes: Nine West

Regardless of what the weatherman said about the forecast for today the sun is out and there doesn't appear to be a cloud in the sky. So take that, Mr. Weatherman.... even though I do have a spare pair of tights in my purse. Just in case. Cause you never know when that fog is going to roll in.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everybody, everywear - Florals for May

In case you haven't heard of the monthly challenge over at Everybody, Everywear you should go check it out. This month's challenge was florals - as voted by everyone who decided to join up for it. It's my first challenge and I apologize for the bad photo below, but I'm rockin' my floral tank top blouse with navy slacks and a black sweater. I decided to go ahead and wear my red and navy tory burch revas to add a bit of color to the bottom.

What do you pair florals with?

Florals </P>
<P>Everybody, Everywear

Friday, May 6, 2011

Banned is the new spending spree.

Over at one of my favorite blogs Anthroholic, Kim has decided to put herself on a shopping ban and shop her closet for the rest of May. Needing a bit of a shopping reality check myself, I've decided to join in with her.

For the rest of May I'm not to spend any money on clothing, shoes, accessories, you get the idea. I did allow myself the skirts that I wanted from Anthro's giganic Tuesday sale but other than that... banned for the rest of the month!

If you'd like to join us... the more the merrier!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This moment in time

Over the past two days I've had an influx of emotions riding over me - mainly the majority of them pertaining to getting married and well, getting old. It's not cold feet - it was just the sudden realization that some studies and statistics say that half of married couples get divorced. Wham. Wall of bricks. I don't want to be a statistic, I thought to myself late in bed last night. And well, I (we) are going to do everything within reason to make sure our marriage is a successful one.

ranunulous make me happy.

I do have to take this term from Kelle Hampton - she referrs so moments when you want time to stand still and just revel in things as sucking the marrow out of it. It was laying in bed last night with dave to my side and us trying to squish rosie between us that I have never wanted more to have a camera to step back and capture this, this moment, this feeling - this uncontainable happiness, these moments at 26 when I'm in my apartment with my cat, my chinchillas, my future husband that I'm completely at peace and wouldn't put myself anywhere else. I want to draw back and just make time stop, feel the way I'm feeling and remember it, because who knows at what age down the line if I'll even remember how I feel.

Rosie in her window
 There's a part of me that feels very bittersweet as well, because unfortunately time doesn't stand still and I know that I may not always feel like this. I'll get older, so will Dave, and Rosie, and the chinchillas, and this tiny little blip of time on the radar of my life will eventually fade away into the past, replaced with new memories and feelings, thoughts and even people, places, and things.

In a way, I'm a bit scared. Scared because I hate the changes that I can't control. I hate not knowing what life is going to throw at me, what ups and downs are try and shake and break me so I can try and plan ahead for them. I desperately miss my grandpa and wish he was here with me to celebrate this time of life with me, to ask him how he and my grandma did it for 60+ years, to just pick his brain because the 30's, 40's, were not easy times - although I don't think any time is an easy time.

So, thanks to Kelle, I'm going to follow her advice. I'm going to continue sucking the marrow out of these bright brilliant happy moments, photograph them in my mind and hold on to them. I'm going to write more, whether its here or in my paper journal. I will be more thankful for these moments, these snippets of time that I'm just completely in awe.

And that, friends, is where I'm at at this moment in time.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hello Miss May!

I honestly can't believe that today is already May 2. Where has 2011 gone? (I actually went to write 2010 but then remembered..)

In celebration of our warm weather that we've been having lately in the bay area (nope, not complaining, although my sunburned shoulders hurt a bit) I thought I'd compile some things I'm loving at the moment.

Ice cream sundaes. Without a doubt my hands down favorite shop sundae is from Baskin Robbins. Chocolate chip cookie dough, hot fudge, peanuts, whipped cream and a cherry on top is the perfect sunny day treat. Click here to find the baskin robbins nearest you.

Bright colored nail polish. I love having brightly colored nails to look down on. Even when its foggy there's something about a little pop of color that makes my day. If I remember correctly, I'm currently rockin' the Gelish color of Samuri, a pretty purplish hue with some sparkles and a sheen of pink. Love! Check out the other awesome colors that you can get done on your nails here - and if you didn't know, these mani's last for at least 2 weeks!

Maxi dresses. The little girl in me longs for a few of these glorious dresses that flutter and sweep along the floor gracefully with every step. However, I've been having a bit of a problem locating some that look good on my figure. I've struck out at forever21 but heard from a friend to check old navy. I plan on getting down there sometime soon.. Or maybe I should switch it up and try a maxi skirt. Decisions, decisions! I really love the colors and the style of the Anthropologie one pictured above, but the price point is a little high for me.

Nautical stripes. Theres something so fun and summery about striped shirts I can't almost put my finger on it. But they look fantastic paired with anything from jeans to kahki's to slacks in the office. Can't get enough!  Grab the above J Crew shirt here, a straw hat, and your picnic basket and you are set for a weekend.

That's about it for now - I hope May is treating everyone well so far and let me know what you're crushin on for the upcoming sunny months.
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