Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

2012… where do I even begin with you. For a year that seemed feared by so many (ahem, end of the world naysayers I’m speaking to you) the year was definitely amazing.

From the beginning of the year and starting a new position at work that’s no longer just a job but turning into a career and dealing with the massive growth of my company that is keeping me on my toes I’m grateful to have been given this experience for yet a second year in a row.
I witnessed the weddings of friends and family members and travelled all across the 50 states to do so (Honolulu, Denver, and Philly you treated us so well for those short weekend trips). I visited favorite cities that I hadn't seen in years as well as destinations that I hadn’t been to before, and stepped foot on Italian soil less than 3 km from where my grandfather was born.
In April and September I lost two amazing family members who I carry in my heart every day. My nonno, my dad’s father passed away at the age of 89 after battling a degenerative lung disease just 5 days after the last time I saw him for dinner and he helped me pick out a pair of new red shoes. Whenever I wear them I think of him and the last time I saw him. I remember his thick laugh and his gentle way of speaking along with how he always called me Loretta. My grandmother passed in September unexpectedly, and she has been the only person that I was given a chance to say goodbye to. It was without a doubt the hardest thing that I have ever done to profess your heart to someone who you know will not pull through. I take from her my devotion to my husband and my family, the happy memories of sharing meals around their tables and have to come to accept that now she is with my grandpa that she will be allright. I stood and spoke at both of their wakes, the only grandchild from either side to do so and I still hope that what I said was enough for both of them.

In August I married my best friend on a sunny day in san Francisco surrounded by 200 guests. The day was fantastic and reigns supreme as the best day of my life.  While it went by in a happy blur I won’t ever forget how incredibly happy I was that day, how my parents and sister were just so estatic on that day, and how lucky I am to have an amazing set of inlaws who value family, food, and laughter just the same as mine does. I cherish the wedding photos from that day and still can’t believe that I managed to plan the entire thing.

I'd like to say that my fashion sense has evolved – and will continue to do so through 2013. I think part of it is coming to terms with the fact that I know I will never be a size 2, and as a result certain things just don’t look good on me (peplum, you are one of them). But that also means that I’m learning to dress me for me. I want to start investing in better pieces for the long term – no more fad pieces that are only worn for a season.  My diehard addiction to j crew isn’t waining any time soon, though.  And starting in January I will have a 300 a month fashion budget.

We celebrated highs, cried with the lows, danced like crazy at weddings and snapped photobooth photos whenever present, leaving happy mementos of a memory forever trapped on a piece of film will always remind me of 2012.

So, to those of you that read here thank you so much for being on this ride with me through 2012 and im excited and eager to see what 2013 has in store. I want to hone in more on blogging and up the ante with the photos. I want to continue to develop my style while still watching my budget. Eat better, travel more (hello London and Paris!) and continue to develop my career.

Bring it on 2013. Bring it on.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa Cruz

Today DH and I decided to be spontaneous and head down to Santa Cruz for the day. Home of our alma mater UC Santa Cruz, the Beach Boardwalk, and a major stop on the monarch butterfly migration along the western United States, Santa Cruz has always held a special place in my heart.

We drove down the coast and finally had some nice weather (meaning, it didn't rain for the first time in days) and just enjoyed being able to do something like this together on a Monday that we were both off from work.
Ducks at the state park

Enjoying DH's favorite sandwich at Joes
Santa Cruz Pier in the sun
Santa Cruz Pier

Some of our favorite places in town:
Swanton Berry farm - amazing jams and pies all organically made and locally grown off the highway 1. Dave's favorite is the olallaberry jam.
Pacific Cookie Company - home to the yummiest home made cookies in SC. We love the mint condition, and during the summer the sugar cookie with cherries is my all time favorite.
99 Bottles - 99+ varieties of beer and hopefully you might find something new here.
Natural Bridges State Park - home to thousands of monarchs who stop here on their migration, as well as a lovely beach.
West Cliff Drive - amazing place to park your car and go for a walk and watch all of the surfers riding waves.
Beach Boardwalk - Always worth a visit, even if its just to stroll the boardwalk, ride the wooden roller coaster, or indulge in some classic video games (tetris, anyone?)

And that's about it for now... I hope where ever you are that you are having the happiest of holidays :) Merry Christmas to those out there that celebrate it!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

bloggy update 2

so clearly me trying to change the blogspot url of this didn't work out too well. will keep this for the time being. :) hope wherever you are you are having a good weekend!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear Santa....

Dear Santa

J Crew j crew

Lip treatment

Monogram Jewelry Box

May Designs

I've finally discovered polyvore and here's what I wouldn't mind finding under my tree this year.

And I've spent much of the weekend pouring over reports coming out of CT. I'm extremely saddened and still trying to comprehend how someone could be so upset to do this to so many people. My thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have been affected by what happened on Friday, December 14.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sweater Weather

As evening starts to fall earlier and earlier I find myself reaching for my cozy sweaters during the day. And as the week goes on my outfits tend to get more casual in the office (and I'm so glad that I can get away with wearing jeans in the office).

I picked up this crew neck comfy sweater at J Crew this past weekend and definitely enjoyed wearing it yesterday. I almost didn't want to take it off when I went to bed at the ungodly hour of 8:30 because I was that tired and cold.

Jeans: Gap, Sweater and scarf: J Crew, Button down: Old Navy

Also, you can see my awesome new iphone case. It's french hens. I kinda sorta love it. And I really promise I have the rest of my face, its just hiding.

Since I won a contest at work the other day I get a gift card to J Crew and I'm already hunting for my splurge item that I get to purchase. I'm really loving this bag that I saw Annie wearing over at The Other Side of Grey but alas its not in stock on the website. Perhaps I will finally make a journey over to the new J Crew outlet on one of my days off at the end of the year.

Tonight DH, my sister and her boyfriend are getting together for dinner and to celebrate my grandpa since it's the 5 year anniversary of his passing (holy wow, how time flies!). Tomorrow we are getting together with some friends for a holiday dinner, and Sunday will most likely involve lots of football and perhaps some pizza. Next week is also the last full week of work before 2012 closes and I'm excited for some days to sleep in and also for Hawaii.

What are you looking forward to as 2012 draws to a close?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Last week's outfits

I feel as if I've finally recovered from the past week which I can only describe as the most challenging week of my career (thus far). I spent this weekend recovering from it - lots of sleep, good food,  reading, time with my family, some self indulgence (shopping and the spa, to be exact), and getting my little Christmas tree. And while the week was hard, at least I hopefully looked somewhat decent.

Skirt & Sequin top: J Crew, Button down: Old Navy
I promise this outfit looked better before the end of the day. The sequin dot shirt is another item that's a bit out of my comfort zone but I paired it with a blouse and a wool pencil skirt to wear to the office. Also, pardon the foliage but there seems to be good light in my entry way to the apartment.

Blouse & Giraffe necklace: J Crew, Cardigan: C Wonder
So, let me tell you about C Wonder for a second. It's like Tory Burch's more affordable younger sister (which I heard is run by her ex, btw.). It's probably a good thing that they don't have a store here in San Francisco. And I promise I had pants on - just black jeans.

It's also hard to believe that 2012 is going to be drawing to a close soon. I do have some plans for 2013 already (including travel and some job related) and am excited to see where 2013 takes me.

If I can only lock up my wallet until then... because Santa is really going to be mad at me after this weekend.

Have you discovered any new stores or places lately that you love?

Monday, December 3, 2012

New York

New York... what can I say about New York that hasn't already been said? It's most definitely the city that never sleeps and even though I haven't explored much of the city I feel as though every corner you turn you find out something new.

We spent the weekend with friends and family. Thursday we got into Manhattan around 4 and had dinner. Had drinks at the gorgeous Gramercy Park Hotel and listened to a bit of live music in the lounge.

Friday I worked at my headquarters and had a great day with all of my NY colleagues, and even had a dance party before heading out to DH's company party. We ate, drank, and danced at the PHD club at the dream hotel.

Saturday we hit up Brooklyn Brewery for games, local beer, and pizza with friends before joining up with my in laws for dinner.

Sunday we had brunch, shopped (C Wonder and Century 21, anyone?), and reluctantly flew home (although I am always glad to be back home with the fur kids).

Some photos below....including my outfit of the day today with my amazing new blazer.
Empire State Building
Our headboard at the Dream Hotel Downtown
Vintage bottles at the Brooklyn Brewery
New blazer & seven for all mankind jeans that may have come home with me...
Stars at Columbus Circle
Todays outfit with tired hair.
And now, I'm tired but always happy to be back in San Francisco. Especially because its warmer here. But until next time new york...
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