Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My city by the bay. I don't think I could ever get tired of this. Embarcadero with piers stretching out its wooden fingers to touch the water, if you squint hard enough it looks as if it goes on forever. Rollerbladers, walkers, dogs galore, a never ending hustle that extends from one part of the city to another, ballpark and peanuts, popcorn, hot dots and fly balls to the crazy bustle of the wharf with tourists wandering in various directions, come get your clam chowder and did you see the size of that fish?

Mr bay bridge, constantly with cars streaming across it in and out of the city, such a sight to behold on dark clear nights with downtown twinkling, rows upon rows of city streets lit up and racing up and down hills, faster and longer until they eventually flow so high up you can't see them come down the other side.

A bow and arrow straight to your heart trying to keep you here even though if i had the chance i doubt i would leave.

taken with iphone 3gs hipstamatic app.


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