Wednesday, October 27, 2010

8 is an infinity symbol standing up.

My apologies to those of you who are reading this as I allow myself to get all mushy for a moment.

On Monday October 25 me and the other half celebrated 8 years of being together. 8 years! Holy cow! That's like... all of middle school! Or high school and college combined! Or some other ungodly amount of time.

But regardless - I came home to flowers. Flowers have to be one of my favorites to photograph. I mean, what other thing can be really good at staying so still - and looking so pretty while doing so? Plus flowers don't require a lot of primping, sweet talking, or really good promises to get them a cookie or this will be the last shot kind of talk to get a good photo.

Although I'm am an amateur with the camera I still like the way they turned out. And I still enjoy having something bright and cheery to come home to in the evenings - although I',m not quite sure if ms rosie the kitty has been chewing on the edges of them at all...

I'm still not sure what direction I should take this blog in. I really want it to showcase my love of photography and display how badly I should've gone to art school - but what about fashion and luxury items? Hrrrm. Not too sure. I guess its a coin toss up in the air - or perhaps it can somehow encompass all of these items.

Anyway - today is Wednesday so happy hump day - the week is already half over. The weather is taking a dark turn for autumn (which I don't mind because its an excuse for wearing long socks, sweaters, and warm scarves). And with the world series starting tonight in none other than San Francisco I can see the lights on at the ballpark from my office and the buzz and orange in the air... hats off to SF and looking forward to watching the outcome!


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