Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An ode to 2011

I can't believe that I'm sitting here on December 28 2011 and I'm wondering where 2011 went. What an amazing year - so here's my year in review.

January: I left my small office job in the backwoods of San Francisco and instead joined a growing and expanding tech company back in the financial district. Honestly, this may have been the best thing I ever did career-wise.

March: A very last minute decision had BF and I (and his brother) winding up in London and Barcelona. I didn't think I'd see Europe again for another few years but I had a blast. The food, the people, the wacky stuff the three of us did... definitely an amazing trip.

And... on March 31 my BF proposed!

April:  April brought lots of rain but that didn't put a damper on our happy and festive moods. I loved wandering around the city snapping pictures of flowers at farmers markets and just being in the city.

May: In May we trekked to the East Coast for my first ever real Maryland crab feed - and also to celebrate FH's grandpa's 80th birthday.


  1. i just got back from london!! it was SOOO FUN!!

    i can't get over how gorgeous your ring is laura!! did you guys set a date yet?? :)

  2. hi lisa! we did - august 11 :)

    how long are you going to be in germany for? we're actually thinking of doing a stopover for oktoberfest before heading to italy on our honeymoon!


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