Monday, February 18, 2013

Venetian Red & TOPIO wrap up

So I have to admit that I kinda failed on the last bit of the TOPIO challenge. Thursday and Friday were both such long days at work and I felt as if I was fighting off the virus again that my last two outfits really lacked gusto. So I apologize for the lack of photos and outfit creativity.
Hidden above in this outfit was a cute little necklace that my mom got for me at Forever 21 (Katie is also wearing it here!) and on Thursday I wore this..

Cashmere is amazing, by the way. I'd like to add a few more to my sweater wardrobe but some of the prices are just so expensive. But something that I'd like to start doing is buying quality over quality - and that goes for shoes, jeans, blazers, button downs - really from going forward if I have to pay a bit more for it but it lasts longer then I'm okay with that.

Jeans: Banana Republic
Jacket: J Crew
Sweater: Nordstrom (in Venetian Red)
Button down: Old Navy
Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)

And for Friday... I took my new bracelet (camera hand above) and paired it with a button down and jeans. You'll have to forgive me for only one photo of my accessory because it was just such a long day.

Adorable, yeah? It's mine and DH's initial. :)

After looking at my oxford shirt in Thursday's outfit I'm realizing that I need to replace it with a better button down. If you have a recommendation for a favorite one let me know... I'm always interested in a good blouse!


  1. i love your blazers and jackets laura! and omgosh that heart bracelet w/ you & your hubs initials is sooo freakin' cute!!

  2. haha cashmere is amazing, I would love a few more cashmere pieces in my wardrobe! love the tartan print blazer you put on!

  3. I only buy (J.Crew) cashmere when it is deeply discounted, as I think it is SO expensive at full price! I've heard Landsend has good quality cashmere at a decent price but I haven't tried it. You look really great in red!

  4. What a cute necklace ;-) I totally agree with the idea of collecting a few quality pieces that will last. The red cashmere and jacket look great together and are both such classics. Plus, your bracelet is adorable. What a great idea!


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