Friday, July 19, 2013

Madewell July sale picks

Happy Weekend! I can't even begin to tell you what a week I had so I figure I will just omit it from the blog. ;)

To cheer myself up I wandered down to the Madewell sale which is featuring an additional 40% all sale items.
Madewell July sale picks

My pics - all from Madewell San Francisco which still had a nice sale selection
Dot stitch sweater. I nabbed this one in the grey/navy dot combo. It was 49.99 in store before before any additional reductions. 
Madewell artisan tee. I took a size down in this so I got the charcoal grey and this awesome green color. Marked to 19.99 before additional sale.
Keds for Madewell in mint polka dot. I loved these ever since I first saw them.. and at 39.99 before the 40% off I treated myself. I sized down in these as well.

Have you picked up anything from the summer sales?


  1. Thanks for sharing your sale picks! I love that dot sweater or anything with dots for the matter. I hope next week is better than this one! ;) Enjoy the weekend!

  2. I love the dot sweater although I'm not the biggest fan of orange. As for summer sales, J. Crew keeps giving 40% off and I get sucked into buying something every time. My poor wallet :(

  3. I still haven't ventured into Madewell, but I need to! Everyone is posting such great stuff from them on their blogs! I absolutely love those shoes.



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