Monday, September 30, 2013

September Budget

September, I'm bidding you goodbye today and with you out goes a great month of shopping. Here's what I got below...
September Budget

From top left:
Banana Republic striped skirt: 13.00
Orvis Signature sweatshirt: 34.99
J Crew Factory peter pan collar shirt: ~25
Polo Ralph Lauren factory button down: 29.99
Old Navy jeweled sweatshirt: 19
Old Navy striped sweatshirt: 10
Converse all stars: 44.99
Bass Wejuns: 75.99

Not pictured:
Uniqlo flannel plaid shirt: 29
Uniqlo v neck tops, 5.90 each x 3
Gap factory lace camisoles, 5 x 3
Gap factory black cardigan: 10
Banana Republic jeweled sweatshirt: 15
J Crew Factory jacket: 75

Total: I'm in denial. Somewhere around 415.00.

EEEEPPPP. Normally, I'd freak out. However, the majority of these items were purchased in Oregon without sales tax. So I did save a ton of money there. And... August was my birthday. I had 200 in birthday cash, plus I did a focus group for 100 and another for 75.  

My normal monthly fun budget is 300, so I really went over by 115, which my birthday money covers. But, I really am feeling as though my fall wardrobe is complete. I adore my converse (probably the first pair I've bought in 7 years) and I can't get enough of the J Crew jacket I bought. 

With two trips coming up in October, I'm scaling back for this month. Although, I do have my eye on these. And I still have leftover cash. So... perhaps booties? We shall see.

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  1. This month was a great month for sales and deals, right? I was WAY over budget just by September 2nd. I definitely pushed to make some sales on Poshmark in order to things back on track. And it's always fun to get yourself a little something on your birthday.

    1. Yes! I hear you on over budget by Sept 2... hah.Maybe I should attempt this poshmark thing too. ;)

  2. great buys Laura! you scored on so many pieces!!!

    1. Thanks phiphi! I'm trying not to feel so bad ;)

  3. I think these are all great basics/classics for fall, so don't feel too bad about the budget! It seems like they were all great bargains too!

    1. Thanks Katie! The no sales tax was a plus. :)

  4. dang girl, you got that skirt for $13?!?!!! do you love it? it's so comfy, right?

  5. Haha I think birthday month is a total cheat month :) And you got a lot of great items for what you spent! I love that BR skirt - and I especially love the great deal you got on it!


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