Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Musings v. 2

Long weekends where you just go on a whim are always my favorite kind of long weekends. This weekend we pretty much did just that - slept in, napped, had dinner and drinks with friends, ran into 5 of my old coworkers, and took long walks while the weather was gorgeous. I just wish we had a three day weekend at least once a month to savor!
Pardon the fur, we were snuggling..
Yesterday wrapped up beer week in SF where craft and large breweries get together to host events throughout the bay area. Last night we were able to go to one at the Trumer Pilsner tasting room in Berkeley and I was finally able to try some of the elusive Pliny the Younger. We met a girl yesterday who said she waited for 6 hours on a weekday just to try it. I'm definitely glad I got to try it once.. but not sure I'd wait that long.
In all of it's beer-y glory..
Thanks to Gigi's post I decided to take her advice and snap up the J Crew Factory sleeveless dress for the awesome price of 34.50. Go now - there's still free shipping! As I get used to not wearing jeans 5 days a week I'm going to try my hand at dresses.

Remember that Goyard bag that I was so excited about finally getting? Well... 5 months after getting it and having the paint chip off one panel, a 6ish week long battle with their customer service and a replacement bag later, I am totally turned off of that brand.*  Perhaps the wishy-washy customer service just left a really bad taste in my mouth, but I'm going to give Mr. Vuitton another try. *(My experience is not necessarily the one you may have - I've heard that the Paris store has excellent customer service but San Francisco is clearly lacking).

And to round this out with some travel talk... has anyone been to any destination in Scandinavia or perhaps Poland? We are looking at doing another Euro trip later this year and are looking at cities. Throw them my way!


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