Monday, July 28, 2014

July budget recap

July is almost over! August is coming, and with it... my 30th.. and some fantastic weekends. So how did I do?

July budget

From top left:
Madewell flamingo shirt, 29
J Crew Factory Vest, 54
J Crew Palm tee, 9.99
J Crew boyfriend blazer, 54
Madewell pocket tee, 9.99

Not pictured:

The flamingo top was something I saw a girl wearing in a hotel and stopped her to ask about. My mom and I have a thing with flamingos (we were the flamingo group in kindergarten on my first field trip so we've had a thing with them ever since). I couldn't stomach the 68 price tag... but at 29? Much better!

I'm also very excited about the herringbone vest. I passed on it last year and kicked myself multiple times, especially after seeing everyone's blog posts and pinterest boards on it. 

I was also creeping on the palm tree tee and glad to get it for under 10. 

The boyfriend blazer is another score of mine - for some reason I have plenty of nice blue blazers but was lacking in the black blazer department. I may need to exchange it for a size up, but that's okay.

And a plain blue tee - who can go wrong?

July total: 186.96. I kept it under 200 this month.. but eep. I'm hoping to seriously go clothes-free for August.. except for perhaps a pleated maxi skirt for Mexico (any suggestions anyone)?

Linking up with Fran - how did you do this month?


  1. Love that blazer and vest! Now I'm in your position, I just couldn't pull the trigger and buy it. All those pins showing ways of styling that vest are inspiring to say the least. It will be such a versatile piece for you. Hope I can get my hands on one of them too!

    Ele @

    1. Thanks so much Ele! I hope you can get a vest, too! :)

  2. As usual, I love everything! The flamingo top is especially cute. I love that there is a sentimental meaning for you and your mom with flamingos too!

    1. Thanks Katie! :) I think they're the cutest thing in this print!

  3. That vest might be the most popular item this month! I'm tempted by it now too! Considering that two of the pieces you got this month are "outerwear" I'm impressed by your budget!

  4. You got that awesome vest! I remember wishing that I had it last year too! You'll be so glad you went for it!

  5. So many great pieces! I bought the J. Crew herringbone vest 2 years ago, and it's still one of my favorite purchases. You'll love it!



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