Thursday, June 16, 2011

State of my union

I swear, today feels like it could be a Friday the 13th but its really Thursday the 16th and time flies.

Just in an odd mood today so apologies if this post is everywhere and including nothing that I usually talk about.

Some things that I've learned lately:

  • Your mom is usually right. So listen to her. My mom was the one who actually pulled what will be my wedding dress off the rack and asked me to try it on. Just because. And I did. And then we cried, and I put on a veil and really felt like a bride. And then I purchaesd it. So listen to your mom about these things. (Now I have to sit on my hands waiting for it to be made and it won't be ready until about December. Ugh, I hate waiting).
  • Lap chinchillas are fun. Except for when they don't want to get off your lap and go back in their cages so I can go to bed. Sorry furkids but I'm not nocturnal like you. I do love spending more time with them and having Ollie sit on my lap holding my fingers, and Frankie jumping on and off my hands.
  • Exercise is really good for you. I mean no, really. Even though you might be feeling lazy and tired pushing yourself to go to the gym will eventually pay off. I'm trying to get back into the habit of going at least 2, if not 3 times a week. I won't even tell you what size dress I had to order and I want to drop about 15 pounds and tone up before the wedding.
  • Photobooths are the best thing ever. Especially when your friends are drunk and you aren't. I've decided that its something I really want to have at the wedding so there shall be a photobooth with props.  
  • Free is good. Free events, going for walks, just sitting around talking and enjoying company is so much more better than blowing tons of money on events that you may or may not enjoy.
Anyway. Life has been good. We are still looking at wedding venues (eep) and will see our fifth this weekend. I'm really hoping we like it because the location is fantastic and we would come in under budget. I think I'm doing better with shopping (I haven't even bought any clothing items in the month of June - whoa.) and ever since this past Monday I haven't spent a dime. I'm getting closer to my next savings goal and then I guess its on to the next one - I'm not sure what it should be though. I mean, I know a dollar amount but...

Alrighty. Congrats to you if you've read this far. I'm sorry for the lack of photos but up until a few days ago our weather here has been really really ugly and cold.  Until later...


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