Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall is almost here!

In the rest of the country, that is. Here in Cailfornia our Summer is really starting to get underway. But... with the change in seasons elsewhere that means fall catalogues are here and I'm obsessing over what to get. I've compiled a list of some of my must haves for the fall (once it finally gets to SF...).

Camel sweaters. I'm SO in love with the color camel it's not even funny. I found this particular sweater while surfing at Nordies and I can't get over how cute it is. I also love that  comes in an array of gorgeous colors. I love the camel (of course) but I'm also privvy to the maroon. And the elbow patches? Ack I love it! The price isn't that bad... but I may hold out to see if this particular one goes on sale or if I can find a cheaper version. Halogen elbow patch sweater at Nordstroms for 69.00.

Mustard. The color mustard. I think it looks fantastic paired with jewel tones - reds, greens, and of course your blacks, whites, and greys. Since I'm not that brave I may toy with the idea of going for a mustard colored scarf. But then again... who doesn't love a good cardigan? This jcrew one is tempting me only because it's a lighter mustard... but part of me years for something darker. Jcrew Eden cardigan  - 89.50.

Leopard print flats. And my search goes on for these. I seem to be having a hard time finding a good pair that's not any flourescent color. Or maybe I'm just too particular. Which is why I love yet another jcrew item, the Nora calf hair ballet flats. The price is a little steep (okay, way steep, as in I may wait for sale for these) but I kinda think they are perfect. Perhaps if I win big in Vegas next weekend.... Jcrew Nora Calf Hair Ballet Flats - 250.00

Nude flats. Aside from needing them for an upcoming wedding in March I don't have one single pair of nude colored shoes. Oh the horror! I'm keen to these Michael Kors shoes. I think they're pretty cute - and since they are nude I can wear them with just about anything (except maybe brown.. or mustard...). Michael Kors Odette flat at Endless - 150.00

Well that's it for now. What is on your fall wishlist?


  1. I love the mustard cardi and the leopard print flats! :)

  2. i know! i may have to bite the bullet and do it... lol


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