Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Twenty seven.

Today is my twenty seventh birthday - holy cow! Significant in a few ways.... in less than a year I'll be 27 and marrying my best friend (who will also be 27). My mom was 27 when she had me (oh lord!). And 27 just kinda seems like a cool number, yanno?

As I've gotten older (lol) I've realized that its good not to have expectations. 21 wasn't great. 25 wasn't outstanding, either. But last year and this year I didn't have any expectations. Friday night we celebrated with my family at a little Italian restaurant. Saturday night we celebrated with a few friends at a bar. Last night the fiance and I had dinner together. And that's just what I need, really. No need for a huge party or spending tons of money.

Sometimes I also get really reflective and a bit sad. 6 years ago today was the last time that I spent time with my grandpa before he had his stroke and became ill. I miss him so much - it's days like today (and on holidays) that the pain sometimes still seems so raw - almost like it happened yesterday. I know that he wouldn't want me to be sad - but I do miss him a lot.

Since this week is so crazy with work (not only for me but for fiance as well) we celebrated last night at the Four Seasons downtown. On Sundays and Mondays they do this dinner deal - a gourmet burger and wine/beer/cocktail pairing for 20. I indulged in the duck fat kobe burger, a chimay red, and a cocktail. We also had a smore ice cream sandwich for dessert. Perfect in every way.

I apologize for the lack of images today but I just wanted to write.


  1. happy birthday! that four seasons deal sounds great (and delicious!)

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope your out celebrating the whole weekend.



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