Monday, March 19, 2012


Wowza, what a week. I was training my replacement at work - and in turn being trained for my new position so I really have no idea where last week went.Thank you all so much for the comments on my green scarf post the other day. :) As a result I've gone ahead and rounded up some of my favorite scarves in my collection to share.

 I got this cute little blue and gold scarf at an arts and crafts fair. It's a little small but it's cute nonetheless. It's so royal feeling to me too.
If I remember correctly this one came from Forever 21 but it's adorable. It has a crinkle to it so it stays wavy when its knotted up around my neck.
 I purchased this one on my last trip to London at Topshop. I fell in love with that store - they have a really awesome accessory section and they sell a lot of vintage items. I snagged this one and I love it. It clearly needs to be steamed but since I don't know how old it is I want to be cautious with it. I adore the dots on it! It looks great with blazers.
My scarf collection wouldn't be complete without something totally badass - hence my McQueen scarf from a good friend for Christmas a few years ago. It's definitely one of the more awesome stop people in their tracks pieces. It's really great to dress up too, and I never feel bad wearing it to the office when I'm wearing something drab.
Another one and only in my collection - my Burberry scarf from FH for a birthday a few years back. I love it because while it is traditional Burberry plaid its not in their normal color scheme. I don't have a lot of orange so I love that it brightens up the piece.
Of course I'm loving my recent H&M additions, too! Jaguar scarf, perfume bottles, and the bright green and gold scarf (and each under 9.99 if you need a pop of color without spending an arm and a leg).

Most definitely can't forget my Jason Wu cat scarf. LOVE this so much!
And of course, my scarf holy grail, my beloved Hermes Cave Felem. I'm fairly convinced that if (or when) Hermes ever re-released this scarf and I had a chance I'd buy every colorway that it came out in. I'm serious. I just honestly adore this patter, and well, I'm a cat lady.

Whew! Hope you enjoyed a look into my scarf wardrobe.... do you have a particular scarf that you always gravitate toward?


  1. i love scarves and i think these are all so pretty! even though i have a lot of different scarves as well, somehow i always use just two particular ones: my favorite thick black scarf and a lighter yellow one. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  3. laura you seriously have an amazing scarf collection!! i def think my faves are the mcqueen god save the queen and the two panthers?? facing each other? that one's pretty awesome too!!

  4. I only really have one non-winter scarf and need to add some to my collection. The McQueen scarf is fierce!

  5. what a great collection you got here, I love them!

  6. Beautiful photos! I'm dying over the Jason Wu cat scarf, so precious!


  7. thank you all for the kind words! :)


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