Thursday, April 19, 2012

Updates of all sorts.

Not going to lie April, I'm really ready for you to be over. The past few weeks have had its plethora of ups and downs - and now I have the flu (the flu, really? in April?) so I'm already over this month and ready to get on to May.

Wedding updates:
Under 4 months to go! We've accomplished more things (flowers, ordered invitations, dress brought to tailor, wedding cake, halfway through writing our ceremony) and we have a few more large things left (menu tasting, order ketuhbah, get marriage license, started to book our honeymoon) and I'm getting more excited (but sometimes stressed out) by the day. We've registered at Crate and Barrel and Macys - and if anyone has any must have necessities for the kitchen or home that's made your lives easier let me know. Our list is looking a little sad and people are already purchasing!

Fashion and all pretty things:
I'm not gonna lie. I'm still on a color rampage. I actually purchased three blouses this past weekend in patterns (!) and some with more color (including orange... who am I?). I'm really excited to wear them - of course it would be better if I could actually get out of bed and go back to work first. My picks:
From Zara - leopard shirt with applique on collar, animal print blouse
Forever 21 - floral shirt (loving that price!), invisible buttons shirt in yellow and blue.

And so this isn't completely lacking, here's an outfit that I wore this past weekend to go out to dinner with some friends and I love it!
Blazer and jeans: Banana Republic. Buttondown: Gap. Scarf: Forever 21.

Well, thanks for being patient with me in my lack of posting. I promise some more posts to come in the near future with some of my newer items and a less sick more healthy me.


  1. Get well soon! You look chic and healthy here :)

  2. get well soon laura!! i love love hearing about your wedding updates :)!!!


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