Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yellow stripes and blue gems

Since I'm still on a color binge I decided to pair yellow and blue together the other day - and decided that it didn't look so bad (and if I happened to be going to a Golden State Warriors game then I'd be adequately dressed). Not that it's ever a bad thing. And what's even cooler is that when I pulled out the black slacks I found 2.00 in my pocket. Hey, at least its something, right?

 Blouse: Forever 21. Sweater and shoes: Banana Republic. Slacks: Gap.

I have to admit that I'm loving this sweater. I snagged it on sale at Banana and its love. I know it also came in yellow as well.

While the plague that I've caught is still raging a battle against my immune system (hey cough, it'd be nice if you went away now) I'm still sleeping a ton and almost back to my normal self. Except for the fact that food is not my friend. Nothing seems appetizing and I have no real desire to eat

Well, at least we've made it through just about another week - and may is I. He horizon. Are you looking forward to anything special in may?


  1. I hope you're you feeling back to 100% soon - I love this color combo, I think it looks very chic :)

  2. I've loved those shoes for so long, they are fierce and fun!

    I hope you're feeling better - I had one of those colds last winter that seemed to have lasted weeeeeeks ...

  3. Love the mix between yellow and the jacket;) Get well soon:)

  4. CUTEEEE now that is what i call office chic!! your jacket and those flats are ADORABLE laura!!!

  5. Love the outfit!! They go well together, i love your cardigan!!


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