Monday, August 20, 2012

Birthday wishlist

So the end of August is approaching us and that means one thing (besides labor day..) my birthday! As I inch one more year closer to 30 I figured I'd compile a little list of things that I wouldn't mind unwrapping on August 30.

Banana republic stripe point skirt. I love stripes. And I adore skirts. I saw this in store when it was just released and I made a beeline for it. I've also seen it in a white/blue stripe and I tend to lean more toward that, but there's nothing wrong with green!
J Crew shrunked blazer in embroided plaid. It's no secret that I kinda have a blazer problem. And well, plaid - what negative things can I say about plaid? Actually, to be honest, I'd go gaga for this entire outfit. But lets just say for the sake of someone's wallet that I'd really dig the jacket.
Jon Josef cat loafers. If you haven't already taken note, I'm kinda a crazy cat lady. Even though we only have one, she's my BFF. And when a friend sent me these, well, my little crazy cat lady heart almost exploded over the sheer cuteness of these. Total want. And if you want the luxury version, go here

Lands end striped blazer. See, I mentioned I had a think for blazers. And this has stripes. And it's 25% off using code Devotion & pin 5580 on their website right now. I think it's a great alternative to the J Crew striped maritime blazer that I missed out on in this colorway.

Well... a short list for this year but that's about it. :) I'm trying to still stash some cash for something special on our honeymoon in... 5.5 weeks.

What's on your wish list for this summer (or birthday)?


  1. I would like every blazer from JC's fall collection - that shawl collar one has got me drooling! But yikes, no way am I paying that much money for a neon bright jacket!

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  3. The embroidered J Crew jacket is FABULOUS!!!!

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  4. My birthday is around the same time as yours! (End of August) I love everything on your wishlist! I hope you get to unwrap some of these "goodies" on your birthday. My wishlist includes a few of the new things for Fall from J. Crew, but I am going to try to be good and wait until they go on sale!

  5. cuteness!! i love that BR skirt the stripes plus the color combo is so cute!!!

  6. The plaid blazer is so cool! And I love those kitty shoes!

  7. great birthday list roundup! i hope you get it alllll!!!

    hmm. i don't know.. mine is coming up and i'm trying to draw up a list too! :) xox P

  8. I love that plaid blazer too - anything plaid and cute I immediately want!


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