Monday, August 6, 2012

J Crew/Old Navy/Banana Republic Sale wrap up

I thought that I was going to be a bit better in August, with the wedding this weekend and all. But for some reason I think it just led me to shop more. ;)

Rounding out the summer sales here's what i picked up ....

Old Navy:

I have to say that I was really impressed by the stuff that Old Navy churned out (hence half my outfit today is from there). The white buttondown was about 12 and the polka dot sweater was 16. In addition to this sweater I also got the one in navy with the heart (awesome cheaper alternative to the J Crew heart tippi) and white with black polka dots. My Old Navy still has these in stock so check stores. Otherwise, similar colors online here. I also picked up the chambray dotted blouse and a dotted tank top in store.

J Crew:
Oh Crew. How I love you. But I love your sale prices even more. I went in store to try some items online and I'm really glad I did. Lesson 1: sequins on a tank top don't do anything for me. Lesson 2: I'm seriously starting to love green.
My picks:
Perfect shirt in anchors & horseshoes - I took a size 6 in this, one size down. I adore the color. It's supposed to arrive tomorrow and if the weather is nice I'll wear it out with a blazer and white jeans tomorrow.
Optic-dot boatneck t - I was half expecting to hate this, but when I put it on I went OOOOH. So this came home with me, too.
Anchors aweigh t - what's not to love about little anchors on a white t? I'm so glad I nabbed this - I had been eying it in store.
Sperry topsides in cerise - Sperrys are really cute. And I couldn't resist on this color. On weekends I always have this dilemma where I feel as though I don't have any basic shoes that aren't dress flats to wear to the office or beat up tennis shoes, so I'm hoping that the sperrys can give me something new to wear.
Factory critter necklace in giraffe - It's a giraffe, and it's adorable. Enough said. ;)

Banana Republic:
I was wooed in by your 40% off until 1PM on Saturday. I'm glad I did.
Bow sweater - can I just say how cute this is? And the price was cheaper in store PLUS an additional 40% off. Nope, no feeling guilty on this one! I nabbed the cocoon color because I figured it'd be a great neutral to pair with any skirt or pants.
Navy sateen one button blazer - another item whose price was much cheaper in store. Have you noticed that I kinda have a blazer addiction? Well, I do. But I've been needing a new navy one so voila. Came to about 52.00.

Banana republic scotty cap toe flats - check stores. I think I paid 19 for these total. Best score of the whole day.

Wowza! And that's a lot of clothes. I've been trying to weed out my wardrobe as well from items that just don't fit anymore to things I never reach for.

And since wedding week is upon us I'll try and snap some photos as the week progresses and update on Friday before the big day. :)


  1. I went to the outlets with the BF this weekend and we both blew it up. Awesome considering I receive some items already last week via mail and did not need a thing. But oh well.

    Excited for your big day, lady! ;o)

  2. LOVE the BR flats. And a navy blazer is so versatile. You scooped up some great stuff! So excited for you about your wedding! Best of luck!

  3. lovely post! i love that polcadot sweater and your shoes! <3 xx

    Letters To Juliet

  4. Great!!!!!


  5. Ooooo such cute sweaters!! I am a big fan of all things polka dots!! :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  6. waaah!! i need to get my hands on those polka dot sweaters SOOO cute i cannot believe they are from old navy! how do they run size wise??

  7. Lisa, I sized down. I'll bring some to Germany in 6 weeks? Lol

    Thanks ladies! :)

  8. I like the white w/polka dots on you. So cute. I also like how you layered under. I usually don't think of that, so thanks for the reminder :)

  9. Oh the polka dots are most fantastic!! :)

  10. love polka dots and love those sweaters!!

    great blog! want to check out my blog and follow each other if you like?

  11. the polka dots look awesome on you!! what a great sales haul!! can i please ask how you sized in the BR flats?

    xox P

  12. Hi phiphi! They are actually an 8 :) I'm normally a 7.5

  13. Oh I wish I ran to BR for that sale! I would have loved a new blazer too!

    Great shopping haul!
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