Monday, September 3, 2012

The honeymoon wishlist

Sometime last year when DH and I decided that we were going to go to Europe for our honeymoon I decided to start stashing a bit of money aside to buy myself something fabulous. Because lets face it - everything is mostly cheaper in Europe (and there's that awesome thing called the VAT that us non-Europeans get to claim on our way home).

I'm torn - part of me wants to get something that I can only get in Italy - but the other part of me wants to use this opportunity to get something grand.

So... for now... here's what I'm considering.
The Hermes enamel bangle. I don't own one. I think they are gorgeous. And why not commemorate my honeymoon with something fantastic and Hermes that I can always wear? I particularly like this one. And it's a savings if I buy it in Italy vs the US. Hermes Grand Apparat enamel bracelet online.
One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of Italy (besides the food) is fine Italian shoes. And well, who can beat Ferrgamo? I'm fairly sure I've been eying these for years. These are the Varina flats - I know they also come with a bit of a heel and then a full heeled version. Love. There's bows. And leather. And ribbon. I mean, Ferragamo really knows the way to a woman's heart. Buy here at

It would really be Italian without mentioning Prada. Oh Prada, I really do love you. And since I don't have a nice wallet anymore, this kinda tugs at my heart strings a little big. Saffiano leather plus a tri color interior? LOVE. The only problem with this is .... what color? Purchase at

There are some other ideas I have floating around... perhaps a Hermes or Ferragamo silk scarf. Or maybe a small cameo from the Ponte Vecchio. But... I'd love to hear your thoughts! What would you get on your honeymoon?

And so it's not all talk... a few snapshots of the long weekend.
Bride & groom index at City Hall
View of SF from an observation deck
Checking off a new beer for the last day of August
Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. ohh what a great european list! i don't think you can go wrong getting your first enamel piece while you're there! it will be a perfect souvenir! (though everything else is absolutely perfect too!) hope you had a great weekend!

    xox P

  2. When I did study abroad, this is exactly what I did. I think the Hermes bracelet would be a fantastic choice. I always love a piece of jewelry to remind me of a place. But then I understand too being in Italy, and wanting to buy Italian leather goods items. If you can maybe manage both of them, I think they will be completely worth it!

    Enjoy your honeymoon!!

  3. I'm not helpful because I would get all those things you picture. Hey, you only go on your honeymoon in Italy once, right? ;o)

  4. The trip to Italy sounds amazing! When I went there years ago I bought a pair of boots and a wallet.

    I personally want everything on your list, so I don't know if I can help you decide. You would have the bracelet forever, whereas the wallet and shoes will eventually wear out. I am sure whatever you pick will be fabulous!

  5. Thanks all for your input! It might be a game time decision when I'm there ;)

  6. All your picks are fantastic! As for the wallet colour I would go with red. I purchased a prada wallet last year and I love it (I had no choice but black). I love Ferragamo too (my husband bought himself a pair this summer)! Way too many choices. I agree with Alyssa!

    You have to post what you bought.

  7. awww love your pics laura :)

    i've been skeptic about the H bracelets.. i've wanted on for a awhile.. but on purseforum there's lots of threads about the enamel cracking. also they scratch REALLY easy :( so that's my biggest apprehension.

    as for the ferragamo's.. you know about mine.. I LOVE THEM!! they are some of the most comfortable shoes i have.. and i wear them when i'm running errands for that extra bit of omph :)

    i love prada and the saffino leather is really really durable so i think that would be an amazeballs buy too.

    i got a chanel pearl necklace when we were in paris for our honeymoon hehe :p

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