Sunday, October 21, 2012

European purchases

We've been back not yet a week and I think I'm already ready to go back to Europe. But that's a given.

So... about that shopping. Yup, I didn't come back empty handed. But y'all... I was in Ferragamo, I had to run back to get my passport for the duty free shopping... and when I did the currency conversion... I couldn't bring myself to buy the shoes. They are stunning - and I'll see if I can save up for them... but I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much on one item (and I didn't have enough set aside for them, even with the tax break). So I left Europe sans Ferragamos... but here's what I did buy:

In Munich I picked up a scarf with a print of the Edelweiss (which just so happened to be my late Nonno's favorite flower). It also seemed to be the official flower of Oktoberfest - once I started paying attention they were everywhere.

Florence was where I did the majority of the remainder of my shopping... have I mentioned to you that I love Zara? And when I was doing price comparisons in the hotel room between US/Euro prices with the cash back, well, it was cheaper.
Zara elbowpatch wool blazer. Wool. Plaid. Elbow patches. Need I say more?
Zara cardigan. Perhaps because I was still cold from Germany but I had to grab this.
Zara oxblood velvet loafers. Reeeeeeeed.
Zara jeweled necklace. I couldn't help this one - the sparkles drew me to it.

I also picked up a few smaller accessory items...
The journal came from this awesome handmade paper store and it is in a traditional Florentinian print. The hardest part on this one was picking out the color scheme! In Monterosso I nabbed the little heart necklace, something small and dainty to remind me of my honeymoon. I grabbed the MyWallit kitty keychain at the main store in Lucca - I had no idea they were an Italian brand! And the purple wrap bracelet was also from Monterosso.
And last but not least, a poncho. Navy blue is surprisingly hard to photograph. We were waiting for our plane in Bergamo and I spied this. I kept thinking about while sitting at the gate and ran back to get it....but they were closed. So I hung around for a bit (like a creeper) and once I saw they were back I tried it on and bought it. Can't wait to wear it soon as the weather here has been turning and it feels like fall.

Well, that's about it. We definitely splurged a bit more on meals with wine and cheese courses. I did manage to afford all of this with the money that I'd set aside so I'm proud of myself for not having to dip into other funds for this.

Hope you've enjoyed and are having a good Sunday!


  1. Laura, I love your purchases from your recent trip to Europe! I really love the oxblood velvet loafers from Zara. I hope they have them here! It sounds like you had a wonderful time on your trip!

  2. aww loved seeing your purchases laura!! i lovee zara's too and i love that it's slightly cheaper here than back home.. those oxblood smoking slippers are SOOO CUTE!!!

    i want to go to spain so badly so i just can just go hog crazy at zara's hahahaa

  3. @Lisa, I will meet you in Spain. I LOVE Barcelona!

    @Katie, thanks girl! :) I'm wearing them today and hoping that the rain is done... I don't want to get them ruined!

  4. You got some good steals, and great job staying within budget! Way more fun to drink wine and eat good food! :)

  5. Love the sweater cardigan, it looks so cozy and perfect for the Fall weather! - xo

  6. I want it all - especially the sweater and loafers!

  7. They're all so lovely, but I especially love the Eiderweiss print!


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