Thursday, October 25, 2012

Everyday outfit

It seems as if autumn has totally bypassed us here in the bay area and instead winter has blown in. All this week we've had chilly (okay, at least by my California standards) temperatures, wind, and rain. Snow has already started falling in Tahoe and there's definitely a nip in the air that I don't mind - I love any reason for cozy sweaters and long socks with boots.

I had ordered the J Crew boyshirt in snow cat after seeing it in store, trying it on, and watching it go on sale more. So I finally caved and ordered it and I think its a great addition to my button down collection. I could see it paired under any number of colored or various fabric blazers, too.
Shirt: J Crew, Jeans: Gap.
I promise (okay, maybe not) but this hopefully doesn't look like a spotted cow print. I took a size 6 in this (hey, who doesn't like smaller numbers?) and since it was still chilly when I left this morning I paired it with my newly acquired blue poncho. Not so great photo below.
And of course, with my newest favorite pair of shoes. The J Crew tassel loafers.
Tassel loafers.
And after looking at todays outfit I'm realizing that I have a major J Crew problem. Okay, maybe its an addition (in which I may or may not have ordered a jacket today..oops..). The girls who work the registers at SF Center told me I should apply for a job to get their discount. Not gonna lie, it's pretty tempting. I might do it - who doesn't love spending money on top of a discount?

In other news DH and I celebrated 10 years of being together today. Where has the time gone? We had dinner at one of our old favorite date restaurants - Chilis - and now are just enjoying being at home with the fur kids.

Speaking of fur kids, meet our newest addition - Cat Food. And he has his own tank set up, mason jar was clearly for transport.
Happy almost weekend everyone!


  1. omgosh hahah love this post! new pet and new closet additions :p

    omgosh you should TOTALLY get a job there!! i was never much into j.crew until like the last couple of months.. i never got it. but now i TOTALLLLY DO! i'm like obsessed w/ j. crew they make the best skirts EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! DO IT!! hahahaha

  2. i totally love this on you - can i ask you how you sized on the loafers?

    i'd be in huge trouble if i worked at j crew.. staff discount or not!! :)

    phiphi's blog

  3. @phiphi I took my normal size :)

  4. I seriously love those tassel loafers sooo much! Awesome!!


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