Saturday, November 17, 2012

Spotted dotted

This was actually Wednesday's outfit, but who is counting. I think aside from my skirt and boot outfit this was my runner up of favorite outfit of the week. And the funny thing about my red jean search is that it actually took me to Wet Seal, a store I probably haven't set foot in in years (most definitely since before my age started having a 2 in the front of it). And that means belt necessary.
Sweater: Old Navy, Blazer: Banana Republic, Jeans: Wet Seal, Necklace: J Crew
Photos coming to you courtesy of the J Crew dressing room - finally a few photos of me without a sink in the background. Hah. I really like camel and red and blue together. And blazers... can you tell I have a problem? Okay okay. So it's one I'm fond of. But I can't get enough. I also can't get enough of dots. And plaid. I love it all.

Speaking of J Crew, while I was there the other night I nabbed a double serge wool pencil skirt in festival blue for 41. Complete steal! Online they are still 79.99 with an additional 30% off but check stores - prices are usually less for this item.

This weekend we have some plans to get together with friends tonight. Tomorrow is a complete free day with no plans. And if it's supposed to rain hopefully that means I can catch up on laundry and maybe have some brunch. Sunday I'm going to a bridal shower and then a thanksgiving get together with some coworkers.

And that, friends is my soon to be weekend in a nutshell. Is there anything specific you are looking forward to this weekend?


  1. omgosh i have your old navy sweater!! in a different color haha but we have the same exact sweaters! i love it paired w/ the blue blazer super cute and chic!! you look darling laura!

  2. I love red jeans too! I swore I wouldn't buy a pair as I totally wore them in the early '90's... but I caved and now I love them! Love your polka dots! :)

  3. love it - you look fantastic - and the skirt! STEAL!! whee! xox

  4. cute! I love the polka dot top with the blazer. You look great!


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