Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Long weekend sale steals

Or, in other words, why Laura is banned until at least 2013. But, lets get to fun stuff - what I picked up during the Thanksgiving sales.

From J Crew... Oh J Crew. I really should contemplate changing the title of this blog to I really should work at J Crew but I have a desk job. Or, J Crew gets my whole paycheck. Ahh, I digress. I placed an order Wednesday night and then on Sunday stopped in store because the 30% off was just too good. 
J Crew website order:
Lady jacket in spicy gold - the mustard is definitely not as bright as it appears online. I might have to try styling this with a few items in my wardrobe before I decide if I can pull it off or not but it was a steal at 69.99.
Saturday pant - love. These might become my new comfy plane travel pants. I'll definitely get these in another color the next time they go on sale.
iPhone case in anchor print - am I the only one who doesn't think this fits the iPhone 4S right? Most likely going back.

Sunday in store:
Polka dot sequin top - This is a little out of my comfort zone because its flashy. But I tried it on in store over a white blouse with jeans and really like how it looked. I just may have to push myself to wear this one a bit more as its a little out of my comfort zone.
Merino turtleneck in stripe - Elbow pads. Enough said. Cozy and comfy and stripes. Adore this. 
Orly genger rope necklace - I think I waited for this to go on sale for several months. Finally nabbed this in blue. 
Ballet flats in poppy - This is my first pair of J Crew ballet flats and I just adore the color. I think this will be the perfect shoe addition to my wardrobe for this season.

Window pane blazer - Okay. So I could also probably rename this blog I'm addicted to blazers too. Saw this in store and wasn't sure. Tried it on for MIL & SIL and they loved it. So it shall stay.
Ilume spring eden candle in mango - I love the way this candle smelled - it reminds me of vacation. I probably should've grabbed another.
Leather notebooks - Another thing I've always enjoyed are notebooks. I saw these and thought they were adorable with the pencil that comes with it. 

These were my first purchases from the Loft and I'm excited for these.
Sequin striped top - I saw this making the rounds on a few blogs and I tried it on in store and loved it.
Kitten sweater - Kitten print. Sweater. No more is needed on this. ;)

Banana Republic:
Striped knit skirt - I know I blogged about this skirt before. And I finally nabbed it in store for 11.00. Sweet!
Plaid button down - Blue plaid. Adore. Can't find this online but it should be in stores.

Whew! And that's about it!

DH and I are off to NY for a few days on Thursday and I'm a little afraid of how cold its going to be. But I'm also really looking forward to good food, visiting with some coworkers in my NY office and maybe hopefully hitting up the J Crew sample sale. Shhh. I swear I'm done.

Did you get anything during the holiday sale?

PS. Does anyone know how to do add a reply to comment? I still haven't figured that out.
PPS. I will seriously pay someone to redo my blog. Doesn't have to be crazy complex but I really suck at this html thing.


  1. omgosh the blazer is AMAZINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG i loveee the ribbon on the edges!!

    and those leather notebooks are so cute i love the colors!!

  2. You're going to look fantastic in that spotted sequin top - and with a button-down underneath? Awesome!

    Have a great time in NYC - cool air and brisk walking is good for the soul! ;o)

  3. Ok, this post made me feel less bad about all the holiday shopping I did. But, i mean, who says no to a great deal? I think I saved money in the long run! (Good reasoning?) I do wish I had checked out Loft now...

    It is cold right now, but at least its sunny!

    As far as the layouts go, try Etsy! They have pre-made ones in various price ranges. That's where I got mine!

  4. Wow! That's quite a haul for the weekend! It's great that you had some awesome deals to work with!


  5. Great purchases! I picked up the polka dot sequin top too! It's so fun isn't it?

  6. I love everything! I especially love the sequin items!

    NY and J. Crew sample sales? That sounds like my dream weekend. Have fun!

  7. I love all of your purchases. Of course the Loft top is a favorite, but I also really like that blazer. Can't have too many of those ;)

  8. Oh my! Such cute items :) Fabulous K does really nice site redos, but I don't know about her pricing HTH



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