Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Financial Goal - 52 Week Challenge

Since a new year is upon us I'm always trying to think of a goal that I can set for myself concerning my finances. I was fortunate enough in 2012 to hit my big financial goal for the year a week before 2013 (thanks mom and dad) and when I saw this one pop up on a forum I frequent I knew immediately that I wanted to participate.

The 52 week money challenge is easy - for each week of the year you put away the dollar amount corresponding with the number of the week. Since this is the first week of the year I'm putting away 1.00, and next week will be 2.00, and so forth. And the awesome thing? At the end of the year you have almost 1400.00 socked away to use for whatever you'd like.

I'm thinking of starting a separate small checking account for this so I can easily transfer funds over each week from our main account. I think weeks 40-52 will be a bit of a challenge... but I'm always good for a fight!

If anyone else is interested in joining I'd love company!

Have you set any financial goals for 2013?


  1. this is pretty awesome!! it's sort of crazy how the little bit of money ever week adds up to that much!! it makes me really want to give up on things like my starbucks addiction ahahah :p

  2. Such an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing this. I'm definitely going to try it :)


  3. That is such a fantastic idea!! I'm totally going try it!! Thanks so much for posting this!!

  4. you are so organized! i'm trying to behave this year but have yet to formulate a plan, much less a challenge like this! :) i will give this a try!

    xox P

  5. How’s the challenge going? This one gets pretty tough as you go. But that would lead you to a more frugal living, especially if you don’t have another source of income. On that note, I think it would be very helpful if you can come up with something that will give you extra income and cash. It would be best to go for a genre of your interest. ;] -->Jaden Allred

    1. i'm doing well with it! i definitely think once we get to weeks 20 and up it might get harder...


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