Saturday, January 19, 2013

Floral lately

January... already almost over? Holy cow. Life has been increasingly busy but finally a three day weekend is upon us to sleep, watch football, and sleep some more. 

Tonight we are heading out to a German restaurant that reminds DH and I of Oktoberfest...lots of lively people and boots of beer. And spazel. I love spazel.

This is probably one of my more favorite sale buys from J Crew over the past few months. The fact that it's Liberty of London makes me like it even more. And I've paired it with different color sweaters and it works well, too.

I also have to admit that I bought this cardigan in another color too. I believe I got them both for about 20, or the pink one slightly under that. Major score. I keep looking to see if any of the pink/purple liberty shirts pop up in my local J Crew but alas, I haven't seen any.

Another major score? This bag for 69.99. I almost felt guilty for buying it at that price. I used some holiday money to pay for it so I'm not feeling too bad. It could use a bit of a leather conditioner on the front but for the price I paid I'm not too worried.

Has there been anything lately that you've gotten as a really good deal (almost too good to be true but not)?

Liberty perfect shirt in Wiltshire
J Crew classic merino long cardigan in vibrant purple
Necklace as a gift, similar here
Edie grand, exact here


  1. Wait a minute, there's a three-day weekend coming up? Ugh, I don't have a company holiday until May! Aw well ... you got a great deal on that gorge purse!

  2. what an absolute steal for the purse!! love it!!! let me know if you happen to see another one for that price!! lol.

    i love the necklace with that blouse. perfect! xox

  3. That purse is amazing! Lucky girl! So many great bargains out there right now!

  4. What a steal for that bag! I wish they had it at my local store! I recently bought a couple wool blazers from J. Crew for about $45 a piece, so that was my big score.

    1. Oh man - I went back today and only found the jeweled herringbone blazer (which I might get tomorrow...Wahh!)

  5. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh laura i love that bag!! such a steal it's such a cute structured bag!! i love you in purple too :p

  6. wow that bag is gooorgeous. i love simple, structured pieces like that. and you bought it with holiday money so you definitely shouldnt feel guilty! and mmm, i love german restaurants. that oktoberfest feeling is so lively and fun :D

    xo Marlen
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    1. Thank you! Even Dh said the bag was a nice buy :)

  7. In love with the bag! Absolutely gorgeous and well-worth the price



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