Wednesday, October 23, 2013

J Crew Reviews: Floral T & Stripe Necklace Tee

Part of the best thing about ordering items online are getting packages in the mail. I feel as though receiving things via snail mail is a bit outside the norm these days, so I'm always thrilled when a box comes to my desk with my name on it (even if I did have to order it myself).

With the last 40% off sale promo I finally picked up the stripe necklace tee. I took my normal size M. I adore this. It pairs well under a blazer and with jeans, or it can be dressed up with a pencil skirt. I'm glad I jumped on it when I did - online is showing sold out of most sizes but I would try in store. I would consider getting this top in another color way I really like it that much!

The vintage cotton floral tee is another item I'd consider in its alternate color way as well. I almost bought both, but I decided not to. And now I shall kick myself. The top is so soft, and the flowers give it a dainty feel. Again, I took my size M in this. And if I find the cream version, it shall be mine too.

Something else I ordered awhile ago also came in the mail this week and its definitely becoming my new favorite necklace - my monogram initials in silver. I purchased it from groopdealz and have seen it pop back a few times but here's a photo of mine below.

Is there anything that's come in the mail recently that you've come to love?


  1. Not so much in the mail,but I picked up some goodies in the store:)
    I also have the striped necklace tee,but in the light pink color way.

  2. I also love the thrill of receiving packages in the mail. Your stripe necklace tee is gorgeous. I almost bought it last week, but I restrained myself as I have too many similar things.

    1. I saw some of the new rollouts in store today and I think my wallet is in trouble.

  3. great finds!! getting packages is like christmas! :)

  4. I agree- getting packages via snail mail is the best! Although I shop online so much now that I forget how much fun it can also be to actually go to the mall..... I love your purchases!



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