Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Southern Thanksgiving

North and South Carolina are both gorgeous places and over Thanksgiving break I was able to see both states for the first time. We started in Asheville to visit my SIL and then drove to Kiawah Island to join the rest of the family there. Along the way we ate a lot of biscuits, bacon, and drank local beer.

We stayed at the Aloft in Asheville which was a great location downtown and within walking distance to restaurants and breweries. The hotel staff is very friendly, and they have an awesome outdoor area and the bar staff are friendly too.

Kiawah Island is unlike any other beach that I'd been to before. We spent time riding bikes on the beach, curled up reading books near the fire, and trying to avoid alligator warning signs (no joke!) There were so many starfish and seashells and the sand there is so different. And it was interesting to see the sun go down from another direction. Regardless, I had a blast and came home needing a biscuit recipe as well as a porch with a rocking chair.

Rocking chairs in Asheville airport
Chicken & Biscuits sandwich at Biscuit Head
Grits, bacon, and peas at Tupelo Honey Cafe
Icicles on the Blue Ridge Parkway
Blue Ridge Mountains
Gazebo on Kiawah Island
Staircase at The Sanctuary
Starfish on Kiawah beach
Sunset from the sand dunes
Boardwalk leading to the beach
Magnolia Cemetery - Charleston
View from the Ryder Cup bar
Angel Oak

Eat/Drink - Asheville:
Asheville Brewing Co
Tupelo Honey Cafe - biscuits. grits. bacon. go.
Biscuit Head - by far one of the most amazing meals on the whole trip.
Barleys Taproom & Pizza  - awesome live music and pizza
Double D's Coffee & Desserts - a double decker bus with awesome people watching views.
Old Europe Pastries - one of the best shortbread cookies I've ever had
Pack's Tavern - great place to watch Sunday football
Storm Rhum Bar - rum drinks abound
LAB - amazing pork belly and goat cheese brussel sprouts

Eat/drink/stay Kiawah Island:
Ryder Cup Bar - amazing place to watch a sunset.
The Sanctuary Hotel - amazing luxury hotel right on the beach.
Angel Oak - 300-400 year old Oak tree - just stunning (and free!)


  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG that chicken and biscuit sandwich. DROOLING!

    1. I know. it shall forever live in my dreams.

  2. love these pictures, esp the angel oak, it's beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much! The tree was so beautiful and serene. Really a great spot to see.

  3. Gorgeous pictures Laura! The beer, biscuits and bacon sound terrific!

    1. Thanks Katie! I know the guys tried nutella bacon at some point and loved it.

  4. I have never been to north or south Carolina but they are both on my list! Gah, they look gorgeous! And the food pictures - well, it's making me hungry :)

  5. Wow, it look amazing, loving all the food pictures too!


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