Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Local Edition: Lands End Trail to Baker Beach & the Golden Gate Bridge

Due to the fact that we've had some abnormal weather the past several weeks DH and I have had the ability to spend more time outside wandering our city. One of our favorite weekend activities is to just start walking and see where we end up, sometimes stopping for a bite along the way.

This past Saturday we took the 38L to the last stop at Lands End and decided to trek to the Golden Gate bridge. Along the way we found a labyrinth, took in stunning views of the ocean and the coast, and enjoyed the sunshine. And the best part? Aside from the bus fare our trek was completely free.

The Lands End trail starts near the Sutro bath ruins, which are a sight to be seen themselves. Once used as a private bath house until it burned down in 1966 offer great views of the Pacific.

We started the trail and from there encountered Eagle Point and the labyrinth and watched a cargo boat on on the horizon get closer and closer until it passed under the Golden Gate.

From there, we kept on the trail until we cut over at the Legion of Honor and through Sea Cliff (amazing houses with even better views!) until finally reaching Baker Beach - a place I've been wanting to go to. We watched crabbers and fishermen, tourists playing in the sun, and walked the length of the beach before continuing to the Golden Gate.

And once we reached the bridge itself, we crossed to almost the first tower before we stopped to watch the sunset go down.

Yeah, so I might be a little obsessed with how photogenic the bridge is, especially around twilight. We finished our trek off with a burger dinner (we thought we deserved it) at one of our favorite burger spots, Barneys Burgers.

If you go: 

Easy access to Lands End & it's the trail, Sutro baths, and the Cliffhouse via the 38L Geary bus.

Barneys Burgers Marina: 3344 Steiner St between Lombard and Chestnut.


  1. I love this idea of walking without a destination. It's a fun way to explore and discover new things. Your pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge are gorgeous. I can see why you're so captivated by it!

    1. Thank you Katie! :) And walking is always a good have a hamburger after!

  2. Man, I wish I lived there! I went to San Fran for the first time last September and I fell in love! It looks like you guys had a great time!

    1. Ooooh will you be back anytime soon? I'm pretty enamored by my city. :)

  3. oh man laura you're pics of the bridge are gorgeous especially during twilight the colors are so pretty!!

    i know what you mean.. honestly there's ONE last chanel bag that i would REALLY love to add to my collection but i'm only willing to take the plunge if i find a vintage one.. i can't justify the prices anymore.. they're so ridiculous. honestly i can't believe i USE to spend as much as i did on chanel.. now when i think about what i spent before it makes my stomach churn a little bit. lol.

    1. thank you Lisa! i have thought about selling off most of my collection to fund a chanel but i really don't have a ton of expensive bags anymore. my mom kept asking me what chanel i'd like if someone were to get me one for my 30th but i can't imagine dropping that kind of cash on one bag. fairly sure vintage is the way to go, especially if its caviar. :)


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