Friday, January 24, 2014

Vermont & NYC in the snow

The past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to travel up to Vermont and to NYC. I think I get a little spoiled living in California with our mild weather so I'm pretty sure this was the coldest I've ever been in my life. But hey, the snow is gorgeous!

Vermont is just so charming. The state itself is gorgeous and with the snow falling it just added more to it. We stayed in Stowe at the Stowe Mountain Lodge (which I highly recommend). They have two mountains for skiing and snowboarding, and you are able to take a lift right from the lodge up (...not that I actually skied, but I did ride a gondola!).
View from the hotel 
Super excited to have found a Jackelope
Stowe Church

River running under the gondola 
7 degrees and freezing cold in Burlington
Church St in Burlington
We ate, danced, played laser tag, read, indulged in the spa, and just watched the snow fall. Vermont is amazing and I'd really like to go back in the summer because Stowe has an alpine slide. I also got to see some of Burlington and the city is so quaint! I got a plaid shirt from the Vermont Flannel Company, some maple syrup, and greatly enjoyed the fact that many signs appear in English and French.

Monday we flew back to NYC and I got to enjoy the snow fall all day Tuesday and into the night on Wednesday. It was just simply breathtaking, although it is really hard to walk in. And I had an excuse to wear my uggs. Central Park with a fresh blanket of power was something I've always wanted to see and it did not disappoint.
Around 9PM Tuesday night - tons of snow! 
Central Park
Snow piled up on benches
And today is the last day that I will be at my current company and Monday starts a new job and new opportunities. I'm excited, a little scared, nervous, but really thrilled.

If you go..

Stowe Mountain Lodge - Gorgeous lodgings with the ability to ski on and off the mountain
The Vermont Flannel Company - Flannel and plaid all handmade in Vermont
Syrup - Awesome local Vermont goodies
Leunig's - Delicious French food in a cozy bistro environment
Vermont Ale House - Live music with lots of local beers on tap


  1. love the view from the hotel dear :D


  2. omgosh laura these pictures are gorgeous!! i miss the snow :) looks like you had such a fun time!!

    1. Thank you Lisa! Nothing compared to Paris but I had a blast!

  3. These pictures brought back nice memories for me! When I lived in NYC we had quite a few intense snow storms, but it was so pretty! I've also been to Stowe which is always fun in the winter too. Looks like a fun trip!

    1. Thanks Katie! Stowe is gorgeous - I think I'd like to see Vermont in the summer (especially because Stowe has an alpine slide!)

  4. so fun!! it looks like you had such a great time!! xo

  5. What a neat trip, I've never been to either place.

    1. Thanks! It was really fun, and I'd definitely go back to Vermont!


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