Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Life Lately + J Crew sale picks

Studying for my upcoming exam and still learning a lot at work has kept me incredibly busy as of late. Weekends have been trying to spend some time in the sun and exploring hidden parts of our city. A few weekends ago we headed to the Conservatory of Flowers for their butterfly exhibit and I made a friend.
85 degrees plus 90% humidity in the butterfly room. Eep!
This past weekend DH and I decided to take a break and headed to wine country for a 24 hour escape. We read, drank wine, and caught some sun, ate cheese, slept late, and sat by the pool. If only all weekends could be like that... And I highly recommend the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa - I keep wishing I had another 2 days there!
Wine & reading in the sun
Since I gave up shopping for Lent I've been channeling my shopping urges into doing something more constructive - spin class. I signed up and have been going three times a week. I feel as though I'm sleeping better and leave class feeling good. I'm going to measure myself to see if I lose any inches off my waist, and have been trying to go all veggie for weekday lunches too. So far, so good..so hopefully I stick with it!

But in case you haven't heard J Crew is doing 40-50% off sale again, and here are my picks for those who can spend - are you grabbing anything during this latest promo?

My picks:
Linen embroidered bird tee
Painter tee - love the grey combo!
Embroidered floral tee - the ivory and navy is just lovely
Marled jeweled sweatshirt
French print popover
Lattice medallion popover


  1. Your trip to wine country sounded like a great escape! I was good and only bought one thing during J. Crew's last sale.

    1. It was so lovely... I wish we could do it more often!

  2. your mini-trip with DH sounds amazing. what a great idea to run away for a little bit! xo

    1. Yes! I think it's important for our relationship too. :)

  3. spin class 3x a week! and all veggie lunches.. omgosh.. you're my inspiration laura!!! i want to be like you! my body would be happier if i even went to spin class 1x a week lol!! i want to spin.. but it looks so hard.. is it killer at first??


    1. Hah you are too kind!
      The great thing about spin is you control how intense you want it to be. I say try it if you can. I went once and was hooked. :)

  4. Your weekend escape sounds heavenly. Hope your no-shopping Lent is coming along well! :)

  5. I just kicked off a "no shop April" and spinning class sounds like a great distraction!

    (If you're interested, I'm giving away a pair of Emma McKinstry earrings valued at $70. Enter here.)


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