Sunday, May 4, 2014

April Budget

For some reason, April was one of those lingering months that just wouldn't end. It wasn't the best month for some reason, either.

Regardless, here's what I bought this month:

J Crew minnie pants, 2x 23.99
J Crew peplum top, 22.99
J Crew factory anchor loafers, 54.99
Not pictured:
J Crew darby loafers, 59.99
J Crew tuxedo tank, 22.99
J Crew merino side panel sweater, 24.99
Banana Republic rope stripe top, 19.99
Banana Republic anchor button sweater, 19.99
Gap v neck tees, 2x 6.99
Gap striped boatneck tee, 12.99

So...not gonna lie, not the best month spending wise, either. The J Crew sales are killing me (can we talk about the lattice cut loafers and the jeweled baseball tee? Ugh). I'm also in love with the minnie pants and would love them in navy too.

How did you do? And linking up with Fran!


  1. april was awful, wasn't it! you got great items though!! :)

    1. ugh, it so was. May is already better though so that makes me feel at ease!

  2. I agree. The sales of April were great, but not so great for my wallet! I love the anchor loafers and all your other purchases. Here's to a better May!

    1. Thanks Katie! Here's to a good month!


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