Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June Instalately

June where have you gone?!

We're plowing toward the end and begin of a new fiscal year at work so things are a little hectic. Regardless, here's some Instagram to show you that I still exist.

I started June off with a bit of relaxation.. champagne, my kindle, and a massage
A gift from my husband from NY - a cuff made out of a camera lens!
She went from boxes to bags. 
A new beer favorite - Anderson Valley's Cream Ale
A new favorite outfit - J Crew skirt, top, and necklace, Gap cardigan, Louis Vuitton bag
Ferry ride to Angel Island - looking back on SF
A view of the Golden Gate from Angel Island - one more 30 before 30 checked off!
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  1. Starting of the month with a glass of champagne and a good book looks very relaxing! I hope things get less stressful at work! Also, that camera lens bracelet is so cool!

    1. Thanks Katie! Have you started summer break yet?


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