Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May Spending Recap

May has gone by in a blur and I can barely recall what happened in the first half of the month. I think this is somewhat right.. hah.

J Crew Cleo loafers - 59.99, my review here
J Crew Factory stripe tee - 18.99
J Crew Factory Pineapple tee - 12.99

Not pictured:
Gap outlet tank top, 6.00
Old Navy graphic tee in mint print, 8.00
Coach Reena sandals, 50.00

Total: 155.97

Not too shabby.. although I may have a pair of shoes hidden somewhere. Since I worked a ton of overtime I may see about keeping them (horrible, I know...). I love the pineapple tee as it reminds me of summer, and you can never have too many stripes. The coach sandals are perfect for summer and can go with anything from jeans to a maxi dress.

How did you do in May? Linking up with Fran!


  1. The pineapple tee is very cute! Looks like you were able to get some great summer staples during the month of May!

    1. Thanks Katie! I can't wait to wear it with shorts when it's warm enough!

  2. omgosh loveeee your jcrew loafers are so so cute!!!!!!


    1. >:) Do you get J Crew in Germany? I'd be so sad if I couldn't have things shipped... hah!

  3. That's not bad, I've done waaaaay worse!

    You got some great items! Enjoy! Really love the loafers!


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