Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 - happy new year!

Aside from being uber excited about it being 2011 (and 11 is my favorite number) I'm thrilled that its a near year. I feel like I'm getting to start some things over and I'm even more excited about the new year than I was before.

While 2010 had a lot of changes and high points, I'm still ready to see where this year takes us.

In 2010 ...

I finally got to visit Filoli Gardens (and even better with my best friend, my Nikon D80)

We moved out of our north beach apartment and into our one bedroom in nob hill.

We adopted our cat Rosie

I quit my first real job and moved to the position I'm currently at... and then interviewed and got a new job (starting in a week!)

Dave got promoted at work

Mom and dad adopted Jake

We made some fantastic new friends in our apartment building

Traveled to Seattle for a long weekend (Dave's first time there!)

With that being said, I'd like to nail down some goals of mine for 2011:

1) write more. whether its in my hand written journal or here on my blog I'd like to start tapping into my creative side again.

2) get back into a gym routine. the holidays have left me with a bit of a food hangover and I'd really like to start feeling better about myself again.

3) watch my budget and save more. no more unjustified spending. i'm going to have a budget and stick to it!

4) take more photos. i'm challenging myself to take a photo every day. I've started a different set on my flickr for my 365 2011 project.

5) smile more, revel in life and enjoy the moment and what I have. learn to focus on what's surrounding me instead of what I don't have.

And I'm sure there's tons more but that's about it at the moment. Hope 2011 has been good to everyone so far!


  1. Aw, Jake DOES look just like Pacey! I think Jake looks sweeter though, Pacey's pointy face sure knows how to go from sweet to "I'm gonna bite you" real quick!

  2. awww, little jake is so stinkin cute!!! your parents are so lucky to have such a little cutey!

  3. Just posted my resolutions today! :) 2011 will ROCK!!!


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