Sunday, January 9, 2011

ThreeSixFive project

Hello readers. I apologize for a lack of posts this week. Tomorrow I start my new job (yay!) and I figured that a few days off in between would do me some good. So I've been really lazy the past few days and have also been looking after Rosie who had to spend some time at the vet earlier this week.

As a result, I really don't have much to talk about - but I figured I would bring everyone up to speed on one of my projects for 2011. I decided that I was going to start an album of photos on my flickr called ThreeSixFive - basically, I take a photo a day for all of 2011. I'm trying to get away from it just being photos of Rosie (oops) and looking for smaller, overlooked things in San Francisco. So far I'm really having fun with it. They've mainly been iphone photos so far but I'm hoping to get out my big camera on weekends to mix things up a bit.

So here's my project - has anyone else started implementing new years projects or plans?


  1. ohhh i like that idea laura! it really forces you to look at things you often take for granted. i have a small styling project in mind for my blog.. but i haven't worked out the kinks quite yet.


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