Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hello my dear blog. I do have some exciting news for you! I just found out yesterday that in March I will be able to travel to London and another city! I'm so, so excited I can't even contain it.

Hello, Big Ben!
In London we will be meeting up with my boyfriend's brother on his way back from Africa to celebrate his 21st birthday. I'm so excited to be able to go back to London again.  There's definitely some sites I'd like to go back to and I'd really like to go see Abbey Road. What's even more fun is that since my last trip to Europe I purchased my nikon camera so I'll have a much better camera to snap photos with.

Also, we'll have enough time to go visit another city for a few days. Our top contenders are Barcelona, Paris, or Amsterdam. I'm really pushing for Paris. Back in 2007 when we did our 6 week tour of Europe we pretty much did everything on the cheap. Hostels, cheap meals, and unassigned train tickets were the main areas in which we cut our costs. But this time around I'd really like to be able to enjoy myself  (within reason, of course) and perhaps not eat at McDonalds so many times. In Paris I could practically taste the croissaints and coffee, Amsterdam I dream of chocolate and wandering the flower marts, and Barcelona's Sacrada Familia and paella are wooing me back in.
I still haven't been able to find churros and chocolate this good in the US...

I'm also starting to think of things to bring back (hah). I'd really like to go to Liberty to bring back some of their specialty printed items and maybe visit to TopShop. Plus the teas, jams, and biscuits... oh man. In Paris I'd totally go for some macarons and perhaps if I could ever swing it a nice scarf from Hermes (hello VAT refund!). And in Barcelona it would be wine.  Amsterdam would be larger photos of flowers (or even tulip bulbs).

Okay so they aren't tulips but they're still pretty.

So - if you have the chance to go to a few European cities again.. what would you bring back? What would you not care to see?

Happy almost weekend!


  1. omg i love this post!! we're thinking about going back to paris this fall too.. and tacking on london.. i'm so glad you mentioned topshop because i will def have to put that on my list of places to visit too.

    my list of things to bring back is SERIOUSLY growing out of control

  2. lisa - i know! i donno what to bring back besides lots of goodies!

    i kinda want a hermes scarf if i go to paris... eep!

  3. I'd have to buy myself a new suitcase just to contain all the goodies I'd bring back! (edible and non!)

    Lucky you for going to London; it's one of my favourite cities!

    Just so you know, my then BF and I did a mini-tour for 9 days one year. We started in Paris, then took the train to Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Antwerp and then back to Paris. Have a wonderful time!


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