Thursday, February 17, 2011

Six confessions.

i had actually attempted doing this yesterday but for some reason the internets ate my post for breakfast. booo. i saw this over at Kyla's blog and thought it would be fun to do here.

1) i think i live in the greatest city ever. honestly - i can't get enough of san francisco. even when i travel and come home i'm just so grateful and in awe of the city. i'm not sure of any other place on earth like this. even on days when i hate walking to work or dragging my butt up the hill to the apartment i'll see something like a new flower blooming or the light reflecting off the buildings downtown and i'll remember why i love it here.

2) sometimes i think i should've gone to art school. i really wished i had listened to the inner starving artist inside and taken some photography classes in college. there's nothing that can quite compare to taking my camera out and bending twisting angling myself to get a shot... and when it turns out the feeling is amazing.

3) i have a major soft spot for animals (if you couldn't already tell). if i had oodles of money or if i ever won the lottery i think know i would either start or fund a cat/chinchilla rescue/sanctuary. there's just something about having a fuzzy friend or three around when you come home at the end of the day. plus they always listen and love you unconditionally.

ollie in his dustbath

4) i'm secretly becoming obsessed with pencil skirts. okay, maybe skirts in general. wearing them with tights and flats just makes me happy. i'd really like one in red. and perhaps ocre. oh colors!

5) if there's one thing i wish i could (besides speak fluent italian) it would probably be to sing well. shows like glee and other musicals, heck even the radio make me wish i could belt out a tune or two (without making anyone cringe).

6) i'm a little obsessed with journals. moleskines too, to be exact. there's just something so ... comforting when you open the cover, pick up a pen and let yourself go. i've actually only filled up one whole moleskine but i'm on my way to doing it again (and maybe another by the end of the year). the red ones are secretly my favorite.

well friends thats it for now. hope everyone is having a good week and staying dry if you are in the bay area.


  1. I have only been to SF once for a few hours - it is one of the cities I so wish I could go visit at my leisure!


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