Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On saving money

Money. Green. Dough. Benjamins. Whichever way you decide to call it you just can't function without it. For the past several years I've personally struggled with money. When I got my first job I lived at home for almost a year. I didn't have to pay rent - I only took care of my cell phone, car insurance, and whatever else I deemed necessary. Enter spending hundreds on handbags, accessories, shoes, clothes. You name it, I bought it.

Upon moving out I was in for a huge surprise. Saving money - and living on a new budget was not as easy as I'd thought. After hours being cut at my fulltime job in late 2008 and draining my savings fund to stay afloat in 2009 I decided that 2010 would be the year of reform. Between the start of 2010 with a pathetic savings account and the start of 2011 I had managed to save 10,000. Of course - selling off a lot of unused expensive designer bags and items helped, but I'd like to think that I've started to get myself into the right direction.

Credit cards have always been my worst enemy. With our recent trip to Europe and engagement, I've kinda gone a little overboard with eating out. But, I'm back on track vowing to chop them up for good (only use them to get more travel rewards) and be done with them forever.

As a result... I've been crunching the numbers on a slower day here at the office and I'll be able to meet my personal goal this year of saving. I'm a little nervous about seeing my new paychecks in May since I'll be contributing to my 401K fund and dental insurance will be taken out. I may have to rework things, but the difference shouldn't be that huge. Plus, I can always up the 401K amount once I've hit my savings goals. And I'd really like to give myself a clothing/spending allowance. I did buy about 49.00 worth of stuff from H&M this past weekend, but I had budgeted that into my biweekly paycheck (look for a reveal later on this week!)

Additionally, I've decided to start putting aside money to a wedding fund. I figure that if there's something I'd really like to have for the wedding (I'm thinking a photobooth....) that I can save for it and buy it myself. It'll give me something to look forward to, and feel proud about on my big day.

Anyway. So I apologize for the off topic blog post, but I just thought I'd throw this out there. Anyone can save - even if its 5, 10, 25 a month. Financial security and freedom is fantastic.


  1. Through college, I either lived at home or my parents paid for my housing, so all the money I made through my part-time jobs was mine to do with as I chose. And then when I moved away for full-time work and had to fully support myself, boy, was it a shock! Due to that and a dead beat-ish then-BF, I ended up over 10k in debt! It is so important to know your finances, so you are doing right!


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