Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pocket full of savings.

January, where have you gone? Today is the 25th - I can't believe the first month of 2012 is already coming to a close.

Things at work have been hectic. I'm beginning to transfer into a new role at work which I'm thrilled about but also means that I have a full plate while we try to find my replacement.

I don't tend to talk about money much but I guess I'd consider myself a reformed shopaholic. Or at least trying to be better about my consuming. Back in 2008 at my first job I got a 20% paycut. After some unhealthy spending habits (hello, vuitton and balenciaga) and struggling through most of 2009 I decided to make a change. Starting in 2010 I sold off the majority of my bags to rebuild my savings account. Today I've already hit my goal for 2012 (in part thanks to an unexpected bonus) and I have to admit that the itch to buy something grand and fabulous is rearing its ugly head.

Instead, I've decided to try out the envelope/L bill method. Since I'm trying to go back to a cash budget for weekdays (think lunches, coffees, etc) I've decided to start stashing dollar bills that are L series and saving them for something that I want. Maybe one day it'll equal a new bag or a pair of shoes or an awesome wool skirt.  But until then... I'm still stashing my bills.

The before - my entire closet on my bed..
I'm also trying to be better about impulse/sale spending. What has helped me a bit was going through my wardrobe and re-evaluating what I have and what I need. The truth? I need nothing. My wardrobe is well stocked and I need to learn how to shop it.
The after - organized! Dresses, slacks, skirts, blouses, blazers
So for now, or at least until I win the lottery, I'm content with what I have, and also with saving - for my own peace of mind, and also saving my L bills.

One day - hello chanel..hello louboutins!


  1. Enjoyed your post!!

    Love Love Love
    Love L

  2. love this post!! are you on a "cash diet" hubs and i aren't allowed to use debit cards on a daily basis.. we're only allowed to use the cash that i dole out each week.. once it's gone.. it's gone!! no spending.. not even on gas or toliet paper haha.. if we truly run out of gas i make lucas run to work.. and if we run out of TP i "make do" with other household paper towel products HAHAHA. yes i'm kinda crazy nut job.. lucas says it's amazing how cheap i am.. and how much i can spend on a chanel bag. but i'm like hello.. my obsessive cheap habits are what can AFFORD my chanel habit hahaha

  3. @lisa, its not crazy, its smart. ;)
    @L thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. This is awesome, because I think people nowadays rely waaaay too much on credit. I pay my cards of monthly, but I would spend way less if I did everything through cash and saved more!

  5. i found good clothes there, that tribal one looks awesome! great pictures <3


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