Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Review

A little hard to believe that its already 7:20 on Sunday night - where did this weekend go?  Here's some shots from this weekend...
My friend Nikki walking the runway at a Mary Kay/White House Black Market event. Her hair and dress were outstanding!
Pretty pumps that may or may not have hitched a ride home in a shopping bag...
My work outfit on Fridayin the newest section of my office. Sweater and striped buttondown, Madewell. Jeans and shoes, Banana Republic.

Hipstamatic photos from a bar called The Owl's Nest on Friday night with friends. Loved the lighting in the place!
 Not quite sure what's better than a Louis Vuitton cupcake... If only all cupcakes came with a Vuitton bag as a cherry on top then I'd be happy!

Grey suede pumps that may or may not have also stolen into my bag today.... decisions! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend - January is almost over! I'm so excited to move toward another new month and see what February has in store. Plus... its a short month, the super bowl is coming up, and how about that Jason Wu collection for target that's being released on Sunday? (Get ready ladies, I'm first in line!)


  1. hahaha were you at the prada sale with lori?? puhaha :p

    don't worry vienna was just ehh.. it's mostly shopping and cafe's (which i love) but not a lot of interesting architecture or sightseeing.

  2. @Lisa... ummm... maybe? Oh man, they are comfy shoes though!

    I feel bad, i shouldn't keep both pairs. so now i need help deciding.

    we're heading to germany in October... ;) if you guys hit up Octoberfest let us know?

  3. looks like you have been keeping busy and getting some great shoes!
    xo Cara

  4. it would be awesome to get a louis vuitton bag along with a louis vuitton cupcake! ;)

    <3, Mimi
    Udderly Smooth Giveaway

  5. LOVEEE those tiny bow pumps! I wish Target was already open here in Toronto, I want to shop Jason Wu so bad!


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